Has a New Look

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Over the last few months we have been working with Paul Cooper from Saltspring Communications, Keiko Lee-Hem of Keiko Creative and a stellar web committee to improve our website and online presence on Facebook, Twitter & Flickr. We have sought to maintain the look and feel of our previous site while aiming to simplify registering for and connecting with the Saltspring Centre’s programs, events, news and insights. On the social networking front we have enjoyed sharing Saltspring Centre program updates and daily quotes from Baba Hari Dass’ teachings on our Facebook Fan Page and through Twitter. You can also view great photos from past retreats and daily Centre activities on our updated Flickr page.

We are fortunate to have a great team of individuals helping to bring all the pieces of our site together and we hope that you enjoy navigating through our new online space. Watch for further improvements over the next year as we implement online credit card payments and wellness centre appointment booking.

Please note that at the launch of any new site there are always small tweaks to be made. Please email us with any feedback that you may have towards improving how we relate and communicate with you online!


The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga Web Team

Your Financial Contributions Help Fulfill Our Mission

Dear Friends,

Greetings of the season to you all! As we reflect on the blessings of 2010 and the year draws to a close we are making an appeal for your help in two of our important endeavours.

First, we are asking if you can participate in our annual gesture of support to Sri Ram Ashram in northern India. Each year Dharma Sara Satsang and the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga make a financial contribution to the children’s home, school and medical clinic inspired by Baba Hari Dass and founded in 1984. This year we would like to raise a minimum of $6000 for this project; at the time of this writing we have $4730 towards that goal.

Secondly, we are making an appeal for your contributions to the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. The work at SSCY is done largely by volunteers in the spirit of Karma Yoga. Our eight full time resident staff members received an average annual remuneration of $3,500 in 2010! Their generous contribution of time, along with that of our volunteer boards and committees, enables us to keep program fees affordable and fund non-revenue producing programs and events. Nevertheless, it is challenging to come up with funds for needed facility repairs and improvements.
How Is Donated Money Used?

Donations support the children of Sri Ram Ashram in these ways:

  • medical and health care
  • food and clothing
  • education (books, computers and supplies),

Recently, funds helped to purchase a much needed new school bus; another bus is needed at this time.

The work of Sri Ram Ashram is funded by generous donors in several countries. In Canada, Dharma Sara Satsang Society, which is a registered charitable organization for Canadian income tax purposes, administers donated funds through an agent specifically appointed for that purpose. Each year, receipts and a reporting letter are provided to Dharma Sara Satsang Society, indicating how funds have been spent on its behalf.

Donations directed toward the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga are used to keep Centre facilities in good condition so that community events, classes and programs, including Karma Yoga Service & Study, can be offered. All projects are considered carefully to ensure that the most central needs of the Centre are met. The program building turns a hundred next year, and as you will appreciate has a steady need for renovations and maintenance (the 2009 roof replacement cost $34,000). This winter we hope to replace the worn upstairs carpeting with cork flooring, take care of needed repairs to the basement ceiling, and renovate the utility room adjacent to the dining room into a dish washing area.

Donate Today

There are three ways to make a donation:

1. Donate online through
2. Phone us with your credit card information at 250-537-2326
3. Send a cheque made payable to “Dharma Sara Satsang Society”, with “Sri Ram Ashram” or “Salt Spring Centre of Yoga” in the memo, to 355 Blackburn Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2B8

Official receipts for Canadian income tax purposes will be issued by (if you choose option 1 above) or Dharma Sara Satsang Society (for options 2 or 3).

With gratitude,
Shankar, Chandra and all members of the Board of Dharma Sara Satsang

Photo by: nekonomania