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Shankar’s December update

Greetings: Déjà vu. The power went out just hours before guests arrived for the last Yoga Getaway of 2011. Last year’s final program, the KY celebration in November, was blessed with a heavy snowfall and power outage just after everyone  Read more >>>

Shankar’s November update

As the sun sets over the Centre, twenty beautifully carved pumpkins glow on the back porch, the remnants of the Centre’s Halloween dinner party. This was a time to thank some dedicated people. Sofya Raginsky our Farm Manager, began with  Read more >>>

Shankar’s October Greeting

September at the Centre has been delightful with warm sunny days and little rain. Likewise, the Open House at the very beginning of the month was blessed with a particularly beautiful day which encouraged a couple of hundred islanders to  Read more >>>

Letting the Body Speak

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the days become shorter, there is the natural tendency to become a bit more introspective. At a moment like this, you may enjoy exploring this activity from our book The  Read more >>>

Apple Crumble

Although myth has it that Eve tempted Adam with an apple, women’s wisdom shows it was actually a scoop of apple crumble (with vanilla ice cream). With apples now officially in season, there isn’t a better time to make this  Read more >>>

Zucchini feta

Wondering what to do with all the zucchinis that have begun to spring forth from your summer garden or the local farmers’ market stalls? This is an easy Mediterranean dish that is sure to please, especially over a steaming bowl  Read more >>>