Dharma Sara Satsang Society AGM

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Saturday, June 16, 2012
time tba
at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

  1. Election of the Board
    There will be an election to fill the positions of President, Treasurer, and four other Board members. Nominations for these positions should be emailed to Shankar at the Centre or Divakar in Vancouver, by Sunday, June 9, 2012. You are eligible to vote if (i) you are a member in good standing for 2011 and have renewed your membership before the commencement of this year’s annual general meeting, or (ii) you become a new member 90 days or more before the AGM. If you plan to nominate someone who will not be at the meeting, please make sure they are prepared to accept the nomination.
  2. Reports
    Financial, Retreat, Centre Director, Programs, YTT, Health, KYSS, Centre Committee, Satsang, Garden and School, and related discussion.
  3. Proposed By-Law Amendment (Special Resolution)
    That subparagraph 5(b) of the bylaws of the Society be amended to read as follows: A member in good standing for the immediately preceding year shall be entitled to automatic renewal of his or her membership provided that the member pays the required fees on or before the commencement of the annual general meeting of the current year.
    Subparagraph 5(b) of the by-laws of the Society currently reads as follows:
    A member in good standing shall be entitled to automatic renewal of his or her membership provided that the member pays the required fees within sixty (60) days of expiry of the membership.

  4. Voting Members
    The Society’s By-Laws provide that persons:
    a) shall not be entitled to vote unless they have been a member of the Society for at least 90 days, and
    b) shall not be entitled to run for any office unless they have been a member of the Society for at least twelve months, and that
    c) proxies, in such form prescribed by the Board from time to time, shall be allowed in voting at meetings of the Society.
  5. Membership Renewal
    A reminder to those who have not yet renewed their 2010 membership: the fee for the 2011 year is $25.00 per person. 2010 memberships expired on December 31, 2010. To maintain on-going voting rights, 2010 members must have renewed their memberships by March 1, 2011. Those not renewing their 2010 memberships by that date would not be entitled to vote until 90 days after the date of their renewal. As noted above, it is proposed to amend this rule for the 2012 and subsequent years. Those who did not renew by March 1, 2011 are encouraged to attend the annual general meeting and make their voices heard.

If you wish to pay by credit card please phone the office at 250-537-2326. Otherwise a cheque can be mailed to 355 Blackburn Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2B8. Cash, chequs and credit cards will also be accepted at the annual general meeting.

Monday Magazine Visits the Centre

We received a lovely write-up by a visitor from Monday Magazine who joined us for a Personal Retreat. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

I’d have to say, after a one-hour massage and some quality time with a good book, I am definitely feeling like I’m getting what I want out of the Salt Spring centre experience. When the Saturday afternoon session rolls around, I’m even inspired enough to take on that intermediate yoga class I never thought I’d step up to (but, selfishly, I don’t offer to sweep the floor after dinner). And while I won’t be giving up steak or developing an early-morning yoga practice any time soon, I can definitely see myself returning to Salt Spring when I’m in need of a space to do some quiet contemplation.

Read the full article over at Monday Magazine’s website.