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April Greetings

Greetings: The year 2011 marks the thirtieth anniversary of our purchase of the Centre land. It also marks the centenary of the building of the main house, and this prompts questions about its origin and history. This beautiful, heritage building  Read more >>>

Magic Wand

Making a magic wand is a playful reminder that you can create your own magic with the power of positive thought and action. When it’s done, hang it on the wall or put if where you’ll see it often; let  Read more >>>

Recipe: Miso ginger dressing

A big bowl of freshly harvested salad greens is a staple on the buffet table at the Centre, sometimes ornately decorated with glorious flower petals, beet and carrot mandalas, other times with a simple side of fresh, homemade sprouts. You  Read more >>>

Join us for Wesak

Join us close to the full moon in May for Wesak, a celebration of the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. It will be an evening of prayers, chanting, readings and meditation led by representatives of Buddhist groups on  Read more >>>