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Winter Wellness Routine

The Vedic sages understood that the great rhythms and forces of nature—the alternation of day and night, the rhythmic cycle of the seasons— affect our wellness, as do the seasons and cycles of this human life. Living in tune with  Read more >>>

Asana of the Month: Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana – Bow Pose as taught by Jenny Shanti Collver Dhanurasana is a back bend which requires flexibility in the shoulders and thighs. Benefits Bow Pose energizes the body and counteracts the effects of too much sitting. Stretching the front of  Read more >>>

Connection and Belonging

In this dark time of year (for those living in the northern hemisphere), many people, in the midst of holiday celebrations, find this a time of disconnection and loneliness. Regardless of our life situations, in this season of parties and  Read more >>>