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Baba Hari Dass Health Update

Official updates from the Hanuman Fellowship regarding the latest on Babaji’s health can be found at Be assured there is a good team in place to see that Babaji is well cared for.

Sharada’s November Update

Hello everyone, We are enjoying the last days of fall before winter sets in. The days are gradually getting shorter, nighttime coming earlier. During these months, we need to remember to keep the light burning inside our hearts. Our Thanksgiving  Read more >>>

Honouring the Teacher

At this time of year, with Canadian thanksgiving in October and American thanksgiving in November, the theme of thankfulness is in the air. The recent change in Babaji’s health (see Baba Hari Dass updates on SSCY’s website) is an additional  Read more >>>

Beans, Beans…

From hummus to minestrone, from chili con carne to kitchari, beans (known as dal in Indian cuisine) provide a delicious source of high quality nourishment. And during the colder winter months, our bodies require some high-octane fuel. As a staple  Read more >>>

Meet our Karma Yogis: Ryan

I first heard about the Centre about six or so years ago, initially from a fellow karma yogi at Yashodhara Ashram. I checked the Centre’s website frequently, but the timing never worked out. I was doing forest fire fighting, which  Read more >>>