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Turning Inward

Each season (of nature, of life) brings its own beauty. Later this month marks the official beginning of winter, although we’ve been moving toward winter for several weeks. In this part of the world, the days have become shorter and  Read more >>>

Sweets without Sugar

  Yum, cookies. Yum, ice cream. Yum, chocolate mousse. Yum, yum . . . sugar! How many times a day do you reach for some sugar? With your coffee or tea first thing in the morning? With your breakfast, as  Read more >>>

Sudha’s poetry

Poems by Sudha Soleil (aka Theota Makortoff) So many words, Too much talk, Now let’s try silence Silence speaks of feeling, seeing, listening and sharing the air. Remember Understand Surrender Encourage gratitude Courage shimmers beneath Pure present is eternity Pray  Read more >>>