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The Company We Keep

We are strongly affected by the company we keep. Some people, environments and activities bring out our best qualities, and some have the opposite effect. Think about what happens to you when you spend time doing things that you know  Read more >>>

Guidelines for Life

As we face both joys and challenges throughout life, we generally have some guidelines that we use to make decisions. Some are provided by religions, by the cultures and traditions we grew up in, how we’ve been raised or what  Read more >>>


Trusting Life

Many years ago, my husband and I were cleaning our 1967 VW camper in preparation for a road trip to California (during which, as it happened, we met Babaji for the first time). After fixing it up, we added a  Read more >>>

Sharada’s June Update

Happy summer, everyone. Soon it will be sunny and hot – maybe not today, depending on where you live – but it’s coming. The expansiveness of summer means the Centre is in its busy season, and about to get busier.  Read more >>>

Sharada’s May update

Hello to everyone from all of us at the Centre. It’s a glorious day today – sunny, warm, the air filled with the sweet fragrance of spring blossoms and freshly mown grass. Life is in full swing here, with programs  Read more >>>