Annual Community Yoga Retreat 2021

We invite and welcome you to join us in this year’s annual retreat, August 6-8 (after the long weekend).  We hope you will use the long weekend to be away from the screen and play outside.   It’s a change from previous years and the catalyst for this year’s theme “Embodying the Change on a Path to Peace”.

Examining how we deal with change, allows us to reflect on living the teachings on our individual paths while acknowledging that our paths are intertwined. At first glance, embodying the change could seem redundant, as everyone has been living through the discomfort of transition and disruption for the past 18 months.  While we understand the wisdom in knowing that all is impermanent, and transition is ever-present, we still yearn for the comfort of community and known practice. 

As we gather after the August long weekend to be together in spirit and practice, there arise opportunities to examine and challenge our relationship with discomfort.  In many of Babaji’s teachings and beyond, we learn the value born from facing unfamiliar ideas and perspectives, challenging our habitual viewpoints, and adapting to more deliberate and inclusive practice.  In offering pre-recorded and live options, we hope to create a space for you to participate purposefully in your own time and begin conversations you may not usually have. 

We have experienced how our collective retreat energy can invigorate and inspire all of us for the year to come – even across great distance.  Hoping to see all of you there…Jai Babaji!

Anila Lacroix