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Are Yoga Retreats the Right Holiday Choice For You?

Earlier this year, Best Health Magazine approached us for insight into the world of yoga retreats for their article Yoga Retreats Benefit Mind, Body and Soul. When asked, “Who should go on a retreat?”, our Andrea Tabachnick (Kalpana) had this to share:

“Anyone,” says Tabachnick. “Retreats are a good way to re-start a fallen yoga practice, or to deepen an existing one.” They’re even great for those people who have no experience at all. Young or old, flexible or stiff as a broom handle, a yoga retreat will give you a chance to get away and to spend some time taking care of yourself. Meeting new, like-minded people is also a perk.

Continue reading for more insight into yoga retreats and whether they’re the right holiday choice for you.

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