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News from the Centre – January 2021

Faith, devotion, and right thinking are the foundation of spirituality. Contentment, compassion, and tolerance are the walls. When you have built this room for yourself, you are safe and in peace. God is already within you. ~ Baba Hari Dass Hello everyone and Happy New Year, Well, we’ve made it through 2020! While I don’t […]

Ode To Theota Sudha Soleil

by Greta Chandrika Happy birthday to my dear friend afarLike sisters we were and sisters we still areYour quick wit and laughter and very keen mindAlways so gentle, always so kind You liked to sing with your lovely voiceSongs of kirtan and you would rejoiceIn the spiritual oneness of all creationAnd the blessed event of […]

Farming for the Earth

by Dan Naccarato If there was one remotely positive aspect to emerge this year from the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that many people started thinking more about their food and even began growing their own for the first time. It was encouraging for me to witness this occurrence and to be able […]

The Calm within the Chaos

by Lucie Palmer As I write this story about my experience at the centre, I sit in front of a beautiful warm Moroccan sun setting into the ocean from my rooftop. I am excited to consider the impact the times at the centre had on my life story. How contrasting it is to have ‘grown […]

Unpacking Aparigraha

The practice of non-possessiveness on all levels including thoughts and deeds.  I am the queen of downsizing in our family. I actually need to downsize, declutter, get rid of things. It seems to calm my mind which quite frankly, needs all the help it can get. As a visual artist, when surrounded by excess clutter for […]

News from the Centre – December 2020

Peace in the mind, love and compassion in the heart bring the scattered world into one reality.  ~ Baba Hari Dass  Dear friends, I hope you are all well, and that you’re able to celebrate the seasonal holidays, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or anything else you celebrate, even if you can’t get together with your family […]

The Magic of Santa Claus Explained with Yogic Philosophy

The ideas of Santa Claus are not so far fetched as some grown-ups or non-believers may assume. There are many legends of Santa Claus from countries all over the world and origin stories that can be researched on Google. Many contest that Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas was at some point either ordained a saint […]

Living a small, peaceful life

Though the term derives from the Buddhist tradition, right livelihood has evolved to refer more broadly to any meaningful, fulfilling work that makes a positive contribution to the world and expresses a compassionate or sacred intent. For some people, right livelihood takes the form of a career devoted to social change, ethical business practices, and […]

My Spiritual Journey – Anandi Heather Best

As I begin to write this I have the strong impression that I am not sure where one lifetime starts and another ends. We draw the line with a particular mind/body complex but I can see influence from previous bodies – be it genetic, family history, déjà vu type – but mostly just a sense […]

News from the Centre – November 2020

There are various paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianiety, Zen, Taoism, etc. Each path teaches the same thing in different ways. The main aim is to purify the mind.  ~ Baba Hari Dass Dear friends, This past month we celebrated a sweet Canadian Thanksgiving at the Centre, and this month we send our warm, loving Thanksgiving […]

This Whole Vast Family

Dan Jason in conversation with Mahavir When I arrived at the centre, I was blessed to be able to serve with Dan Jason.  He was among my first few mentors in the life of the center, and a true living example of the power of selfless service. There are stories of Babaji teaching the importance […]

Asana: Anjaneyasana or Kneeling Lunge

An Antidote to Prolonged Sitting: Anjaneyasana or Kneeling Lunge Inevitably, my asana practice and teaching have evolved over time. These days I find I use individual yoga postures as a centre point to move in and out of, and around, a shape, in as many novel ways as possible. Anjaneyasana,or kneeling lunge, is one of […]

News from the Centre – October 2020

Dear friends, As we begin October, the month of Canadian Thanksgiving and other festivals of thanksgiving, we continue to send our heartfelt love and prayers to all those dealing with the destruction caused by wildfires and other extreme weather events, the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing hardships, and the struggles of […]

Kindness and Understanding

This is life. It includes pleasure, pain, good, bad, happiness and depression.  There can’t be day without night. So don’t expect that you or anyone else will always be happy and that nothing will go wrong. Stand in the world bravely and face good and bad equally. Life is for that.  There are external circumstances […]