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A Seasonal Cleanse

As the summer season begins to merge into fall (cooler nights, shorter days, crops drying out), it’s time to consider a seasonal rebalancing program. The change of season is a traditional time in Ayurveda for a few days of resetting the bio-program for the coming change. During the summer, with its long days of warm […]

Asana of the month: Gomukhasana for the rest of us

Gomukhasana (cow’s head pose) (go-moo-KAHS-anna) go = cow (Sanskrit “go” is a distant relative of the English word “cow”) mukha = face First off, I must admit that this is my least favourite yoga asana. Up until now, I have mostly managed to avoid practicing it and teaching it, but I often find myself in […]

Asana of the Month – Balakasana

The pose I commonly find myself in is Child’s Pose (Balakasana) and the many variations of having my knees pulled in close to my chest. Physically it does many things; however, I notice these qualities: It lengthens the lower lumbar region, which is a common area that experiences contraction. When on the knees with the […]

Asana of the month: Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle – Butterfly) I find myself in this posture in almost every practice as I love the deep hip opening and the gentle elongation and release in the lower back and sacrum. I share it regularly with my students, who are mostly women as it is a great posture for menstrual health […]

Shiva Ratri 2012

Join us at the Centre on February 19-20, 2012 for Shiva Ratri, an all-night vigil of chanting and prayer. The celebration begins in the morning with the making of 1008 clay lingams, representing sahasrara chakra, the lotus of a thousand petals. An all-night ritual begins at 7pm and is our collective sadhana and offering. In […]

Letting the Body Speak

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the days become shorter, there is the natural tendency to become a bit more introspective. At a moment like this, you may enjoy exploring this activity from our book The Salt Spring Experience. It is called “Letting The Body Speak”. TYPE OF ACTIVITY: SELF-DISCOVERY, MOVEMENT […]

Walking for transformation

Walking moves the body and deepens the breath; we become relaxed and open to new thoughts and ways of being. Coupled with firm intent, this can provide a wonderful opportunity for inner change. Do this walk when you have a problem, especially if your mind has been turning it over and over with no solution. […]

Satsang and Kirtan

Satsang Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning “union of truth”. Every Sunday we gather to sing, chant, meditate, and hear spiritual readings in the company of fellow seekers of the Truth. Join us every Sunday at 3:30pm in the Satsang Room. Kirtan Kirtan is a part of the Hindu tradition of singing the praises of […]

Create Your Personal Mandala

A mandala is a symmetrical design that uses shape and colour to express an idea. Mandalas are usually abstract, sometimes geometric, and often, but not necessarily, circular. Your personal mandala represents the layers of your self, from the innermost self outward to the face you show the world, with all the protective layers in between. […]

Virtues Acknowledgement

To be recognized for the positive qualities we display in our lives is supportive and validating. To be honoured this way at a special occasion makes us feel especially appreciated. The Virtues Acknowledgement is a card given on an occasion like a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day…or Mother’s Day. What you need: Poster board or […]