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Asana of the Month – Virabhadrasana / Warrior 1

This month I have chosen to highlight one of my favorite poses of all, one that I have included in my regular daily practice for over 15 years. It is a very warming and activating pose that is a part of the classical Surya Namaskara B or Sun Salutation B sequence. I love this pose […]

Asana of the Month: Natarajasana

Natarajasana (Dancer’s Pose) is one of my all time favourite poses. It is playful, yet powerful; graceful yet strong. It is a wonderful opening pose for the shoulders, chest and hips, while strengthening the legs and core. It also improves the balance and flexibility of the back and hamstrings. I think it is a wonderful […]

Asana of the Month: Goddess / Fierce Angle poses

Deviasana (goddess pose) aka Utkata Konasana (fierce angle pose) Finding softness in structure and symmetry Goddess Pose is a lateral standing pose with effects explicitly beneficial for pregnant women, but most definitely applicable to all. This beautiful tall and wide squat improves circulation, makes space in the pelvis, and offers a really balanced strengthening toning […]

Asana of the Month: Utkatasana (chair or powerful pose)

Utkatasana, chair or powerful pose I am always drawn to bring utkatasana into my classes – so much so that some of my students once gave me a thank you card with a stick figure in chair and plank pose (my other favorite posture). This posture is great for bringing more energy to a class. […]

The De-Stress Button: Health is Just a Breath Away

We all have this amazing gift that we carry with us everywhere we go: a tool that enables us to burst into a fast sprint if we come across a bear in the bush, or to instill a sense of calm, clarity, and increased immunity within us. This gift is our breath. In ancient yogic […]

7 Ways to Prevent Yoga Teacher Burnout

One of the things in my life I’m most grateful for is that I get to teach yoga in exchange for money. This means that I have turned my deepest spiritual commitment into a livelihood. Yet, at times, my work becomes stressful and can compromise my well-being. This would probably seem counter-intuitive to anyone other […]

Asana of the Month: Ardha Surya Namaskar – Half Sun Salutation

Ardha Surya Namaskar, also known as Half Sun Salutation, is a simple yet foundational sequence consisting of two poses that can easily become overshadowed in our asana practice. Tadasana, known as Mountain Pose, means just that, mountain, and is the first pose of this sequence. Tadasana flows into Uttanasana, which is also referred to as […]