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Back to the Garden

by Mahāvīr I spent many weeks this winter marvelling at the beauty of the land in its quieter season.  The grasses, flattened by cold and snow, and the trees, barren of leaves, leave the contours of the land to plain viewing, and they carry a magic that whispers of adventures to come.  And so the […]

A Time for Everything

When I realized I wouldn’t be able to go on my usual volunteer farming trip outside Canada this winter, I thought it would be a good opportunity to return to the Centre for a few weeks to help open up the farm here and get some exercise in the process.  After a weeklong drive that […]

Farming for the Earth

by Dan Naccarato If there was one remotely positive aspect to emerge this year from the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that many people started thinking more about their food and even began growing their own for the first time. It was encouraging for me to witness this occurrence and to be able […]

Summer on the Farm

This month our farm blog is from our newest farm yogi, Leah! As the newest karma yogi on the farm, I’ve been lucky enough to dive headfirst into the abundance of summer. I arrived at the centre in the first week of June, eager to learn and ready to get my hands dirty. The last […]

Spring in Full Swing

This month our farm blog is from one of our farm yogis, Sheri! We are spoiled here on the West Coast with such an early and long-lasting spring. The daffodils are almost finished, making way for irises, bluebells and tulips. Everything is that young brilliant green shooting up to begin a new season. Our snap […]

Potting Tomatoes, Planting Squash

Farm haiku of the day: Lovely tomatoes, Awaiting in the future, Such sweetness to come! Great news! We recently potted-up our tomatoes and they’re looking mighty fine. In early May, they’ll be transplanted into one of our greenhouses, taking the place of our soon-to-be harvested crop of carrots, and thus creating the “House of Tomatoes” […]

Hello, Farm Yogis! Hello again, Farm Stand!

There are many exciting things happening on the farm these days, not the least of which is a new name for our truck: Jai Mazadananda. Two weeks ago, our seasonal farm yogis arrived. There’s Lisa, who joins us from Winnipeg/Montreal and who is looking forward to growing all 29 varieties of tomatoes we have in […]

The New Season is Here! Name our New Truck!

Many of you may have noticed the signs of the new season: daffodils peeking out of the ground; nettles emerging from their prickly slumber; or, here at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, the humming sounds of our tiller — affectionately known to us as Matilda — busily preparing the soil for the many crops […]

July sun in the fields

Things are heating up on the farm! Raincoats and chilly mornings have moved aside and the fields are now a flutter with sunhats and the wafting smells of sunscreen (and broad-bean flowers which smell quite a bit like sunscreen to this nose!) It’s amazing what a little heat has done for our crops. Fruits are […]

It’s Juneuary on the farm!

It’s Juneuary! Well, the farm is wet, the farmers are wet, and our crops are loving it! We come in for lunch un-recognizable in our mud-disguises with wrinkly raisin fingers, grateful for a warm cup of tea and a nourishing lunch. It’s times like these, when hearing is hindered by the echos inside the hood […]

Roses and Thorns

We’ve had some ups and downs this week on the farm. Our pea trellis is up, and a few of the peas have found their way, with the ‘Purple Mange Tout’ variety winning the race to the trellis. Tomatoes are gradually being introduced to their final home of the season, we’re inter-planting them amongst some […]

The Farm Stand Is Open!

The farm season is in full swing! With the warming and lengthening days, our challenge now is to find balance between maintaining our spring crops, planting our summer crops and dreaming about the crops for the fall. Our farm team is fully assembled! Working in our core farm team are: Jack, Emily, Farrah, and David, […]

The Growing Season Has Begun

Muscles and veggies are growing stronger every day on the farm. With the arrival of a willing and eager group of Karma Yogis, we’ve been digging, raking, planting, weeding and more digging! We’ve planted new apple trees in the orchard, our compost piles are flipped and getting nice and toasty, and we had the first […]

Welcome to the Salt Spring Centre Farm!

Our 2012 season is underway and we are busy seeding, tilling, planning and dreaming of the delicious season ahead of us. Our farm team thus far is made up of Jack Teng and Emily Adam. Jack comes to us from an intensive SOIL apprenticeship on Vancouver Island, and Emily comes to us from the Linnaea […]