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Showing Up

Wherever you are in your life and in your practice – whether you’re a beginner wanting to establish a practice or someone who’s been practicing intermittently over the years – you might need to give yourself a push. Whatever practice  Read more >>>

Freedom from Worry

I am well qualified to talk about worry, having had years of training and practice. Worry is a habit cultivated over many generations that has coloured my response to life. Growing up, I wasn’t aware of this; it was in  Read more >>>

Life Changes

“If you’re invested in security and certainty, you are on the wrong planet.” – Pema Chodron One thing is certain: Whatever is happening now will change. Everything in this universe is in flux, so if you think you will reach  Read more >>>

Listen to Love

by Christine MacDonald   “There is an inner silence. It cannot be heard by the ears, only by the heart.” -Baba Hari Dass To start off, it occurs to me that I am getting more out of preparing this article  Read more >>>

Relaxing into Life

We all want to be happy, yet things don’t always go the way we want. In fact sometimes life is downright difficult. We struggle through the hard times, and even though we enjoy good times, difficult ones keep showing up—and  Read more >>>

Shiva statue

Shiva Ratri – Night of Shiva

ŚHIVA RĀTRI – Night of Śhiva Bābājī tells us the aim of Śhiva Rātri is dispassion. Through dispassion, the many-coloured veils we perceive our world through, begin to fall away and then comes the dawning of “real” knowledge. By fasting, kīrtan,  Read more >>>

Common be our Prayer

Living in harmony with each other Common be our prayer Common be our end Common be our purpose Common be our deliberations Common be our desires Unified be our hearts United be our intentions And perfect be the union amongst  Read more >>>

A Light on the Path

In the midst of the busyness and turmoil of daily life, do you sometimes forget that there’s something you can do to bring more peace into your life? This is a reminder that there is a path leading to peace  Read more >>>