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Reflections on the Guru

By Yogeshwar Humphrey Over the past month or so, my thoughts have turned repeatedly to Babaji and to the idea of the guru. Following his passing, it felt like a tremendous wave of energy and emotion passed through me and  Read more >>>

An Invitation to Stillness

Reflections from a Karma Yogi by Sukie Jefferson Upon arrival, I felt a very mellow and slow pace about the place, as though everyone was speaking in a gentle whisper. Bodies moving slowly and gracefully, not rushed or hurried. Little  Read more >>>

Seeking the Path

by Maheshwar Robillard I was asked to share my story, but I realize I have room here to share only a glimpse of it.  I can start by saying that I have always been  a seeker, in search of truth  Read more >>>


Life certainly has a way of taking you on a journey you least expect. Of all the “who would have thunk its” in my life I didn’t ever think I’d train to teach anything much less train to be a  Read more >>>