Our Residential Community

We are an intentional, working community with a strong focus on karma yoga (the yoga of action), or selfless service as a means to peace in our hearts and harmony in the world. We are brought together by our interest in personal growth, spiritual development, healthy lifestyles, and a deep connection to nature.

Our residential community consists of several core staff and many volunteers from all over the world. We also enjoy strong support from our wider on and off island community.

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Live and Work with Us

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga season runs from January to November, with our busiest months being from June to September.

People who are typically happiest here are interested in:

  • Being part of an intentional, working community with its inevitable ebbs and flows.
  • Working and living with a diverse group of people.
  • Personal and spiritual development, particularly yoga.
  • Non-violent and direct communication.
  • Living a simple, modest lifestyle.
  • Observing a wholesome, vegetarian diet.
  • Connecting with the land and nature.

Residential Karma Yoga Program

Most people who live and work here come as volunteers through our Residential Karma Yoga Program. This consists of 24 hours per week of work service, plus a 10-week curriculum of classes on topics related to yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation, and community life, as well as dedicated times to gather and connect through meetings, community circles, and other activities. Camping accommodation, meals, and access to ongoing public yoga classes are also included as part of the program. Aside from fostering their own growth and learning, this program helps new residents to become familiar with the essential teachings and practices that continue to inspire the Centre. Upon completion of the 10-week program, participants can apply to remain here as a volunteer while continuing to explore yoga and living in community.

Full-Season Residents

In addition, some core staff members in skilled, leadership positions receive a monthly stipend to offset some of life’s basic costs. This amount is not intended to be a wage, but rather a small allowance for incidental expenses. This stipend is in addition to accommodation, meals and access to Centre classes and events. New core staff members are also asked to participate in the Residential Karma Yoga Program classes during their first 10 weeks at the Centre, but they do so free of charge.  These core positions carry a commitment to stay for an entire guest season, and involve 28 hours of work per week, in addition to classes, meetings and community chores.

Please see the link below for a listing of available positions.

Current Opportunities >>>

Residential Life

Residents share in offering service (work) towards the aims of the Centre as well as convene several times a week for pranayama and meditation classes, community meetings, a community work party, and yoga theory classes. Residents are also welcome and encouraged to attend other Centre classes and offerings, like weekly kirtans, satsangs, and public yoga asana classes as their work schedule permits.

We also come together informally to collaborate on work projects, or simply to play together (i.e. volleyball, movie nights, arts & crafts, community dinners, etc).

Amenities such as wifi, washer and dryer, community kitchen, public access computer and printer are also available for resident use.

Meals, classes and common spaces are shared among residents and guests. We enjoy a self-serve breakfast and two prepared vegetarian meals per day (lunch and dinner) and take turns doing dishes and cleaning up the dining hall.

Community Teams

Most residents at the Centre focus their work hours in one primary area, although there are some opportunities to help out and explore others jobs around the land. Below is a listing of the key teams that help keep the Centre running.


Nestled within the 65 acres at the Salt Spring Centre, lies over 5 acres of fenced farm land, including a juvenile food forest. Our farm team consists of our Farm Coordinator and Farm Lead, as well support volunteers or Karma Yoga program participants assist with planting, weeding & pruning and harvesting Learn more >>>


The kitchen team is responsible for feeding those at the centre, including retreat guests and residents. Our kitchen team consists of our Kitchen Coordinator and Lead Cooks, as well as volunteers or Karma Yoga program participants that assist with preparing and cooking delicious meals. Learn more >>>


Behind the hustle and bustle of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, lies a calm in the storm. In a quiet corner of the main house is a sanctuary we call Housekeeping. Here in Housekeeping, the focus is to create a clean and welcoming environment of guest rooms, common spaces, camping facilities and yoga asana spaces. Our housekeeping team consists of our Housekeeping Coordinator, as well as volunteers or Karma Yoga program participants that assist with all things HK. Learn more >>>


The office team consists of a Centre Manager, Programs Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, and Office Assistant. In addition, we have volunteers or Karma Yoga program participants that support all of the other aspects of our work behind the scenes in the office. Learn more >>>

Our Maintenance Team

Every home and community requires ongoing maintenance. Some things are planned, others not so much. The maintenance team works towards making sure everything on the land is in good working condition. The maintenance team is led by our Maintenance Coordinator and is supported by volunteers or Karma Yoga program participants. Learn more >>>

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