The Kitchen

The kitchen team is responsible for feeding everyone living at the Centre, including retreat guests and longer term residents.

We aim to do this in a manner that is good for our health, as well as the health of the earth. The food we provide is vegetarian, mostly organic and where possible grown right here at the Centre farm! We also cater to a range of food sensitivities and allergies.

Like everything else at the Centre, the kitchen is run in the spirit of Karma Yoga. Ultimately, we come into the kitchen to produce food that will put a smile on peoples faces. This starts by creating a pleasant atmosphere to cook in, so that the food is infused with positive vibes. Second, the food is cooked according to the ayurvedic principle of sattva (foods rich in Prana or life force).

A sattvic diet strikes a balance between food that is stimulating (such as spicy food) and food that creates lethargy (such as processed food). This diet is considered the most conducive to pursuing a yogic lifestyle.

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