Dharma Sara Satsang Society

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Dharma Sara Satsang Society, which oversees the operation of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, was founded in 1974. It is made up of a diverse group of volunteers, united by the common practice of Classical Ashtanga Yoga as taught by our teacher, Baba Hari Dass, affectionately known as Babaji.

In harmony with yoga philosophy, the Society has the central aim of fostering the search by each person to find the deep inner peace of spiritual fulfillment. The name Dharma Sara means “the essence of right living” – through the paths of selfless service, devotion and self-study, a sincere seeker can find that peace that exists in each of us.

Our Mission

Dharma Sara Satsang Society, inspired by the example and teachings of Baba Hari Dass, is dedicated to the principles and practices of Classical Ashtanga Yoga. By means of Sadhana (spiritual practice), Karma Yoga (selfless service), and Satsang (supportive community), we aspire to create an environment for the attainment of peace.

In Our Constitution

The purposes of the Society are:

  1. to promote the adherence to the universal truths regarding daily living as expounded in the Sutras of Patanjali for the purpose of attaining absolute peace and unity with God, these truths being:
    1. the restraints of non-harming, non-lying, non-exploitation, non-hoarding and moderation in all aspects of one’s life;
    2. the observances of cleanliness, contentment, self-discipline, right company, devotion and surrender to God.
  2. to teach and promote fulfillment in all aspects of one’s life;
  3. to teach and promote the above in a universal and non sectarian manner;
  4. to establish a congregation and temples for the purpose of worship;
  5. to develop the creative abilities inherent in all persons;
  6. To establish schools, sanctuaries, and communities for the purposes of furthering the above objects;
  7. to carry out works of a charitable nature in the community.

Our Vision

Dharma Sara Satsang and the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga will continue to be a thriving spiritual community dedicated to the principles and practices of classical ashtanga yoga, including sadhana, selfless service, and satsang. We hold a strong and unified vision for progress in all key areas of endeavour, including programs, the garden, and our community life. We will offer the highest standard of instruction that helps participants develop and advance their practice of yoga. Our business model will be progressive and sustainable to allow the Centre to flourish for generations to come. Spiritual practices and selfless service will be at the heart of all activities.

Programs and Facility

We will serve the needs of Centre guests, residents, and staff as well as the larger community by offering a variety of spiritual programs. Our core programs will be the residential Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and the Residential Karma Yoga Program. While maintaining the excellence of YTT 200, we will expand offerings to enable students to deepen their practice (e.g. YTT 500 modules). We will offer frequent Yoga Getaways, personal retreats, and yoga classes. We will continue to hold an Annual Community Yoga Retreat, an event which brings our extended satsang community together.

In YTT and the Residential Karma Yoga Program we will integrate local instructors and instructors from Mount Madonna Center, as well as instructors with specialized training in, for example, ayurveda, health and other professions. Providing for growth and strength of the yoga programs will involve mentoring in order to cultivate a new/next generation of instructors joining the YTT and Centre faculty. We will institute outreach systems to sustain meaningful connections to our many YTT grads and Residential Karma Yoga Program participants, much like a family culture.

We will maintain an attractive and highly functional facility for our own programs and for rentals by like-minded spiritual and community groups. To these ends, we will enhance existing facilities and expand housing and meeting space for staff, program participants and guests.


In order to honour and increase our commitment to practices which are sustainable and reflect conscientious care for our environment, we will operate a large, productive, organic garden to help meet the nutritional needs of residents and guests. We will also give due attention to environmental consequences as we further develop the Centre land and run the Centre’s ongoing activities.


We will improve our ability to function as a supportive community in the spirit of satsang. To this end we will treat one another with respect. Business practices will be fair and financially responsible. Employees, both volunteer and paid, will receive supportive feedback on a regular basis and in turn will have the opportunity to be heard. All who represent the Centre – board members and staff at all levels – will interact with one another, guests, and members of the larger community with goodwill, holding one another in high regard, and with concern for the good reputation of the Centre, the Society and the tradition of yoga. We will welcome new members and the active participation of lifetime members. We will encourage suitable applicants to join the residential community.

Through these means we will be known internationally as a place for dedicated, spiritual practice, with an atmosphere of light heartedness, and as an environment for the attainment of peace. We will honour Baba Hari Dass and his teachings in all we do.


Dharma Sara Satsang Society is a non-profit organization governed by a six-member board of directors and funded by revenue from Centre programs, private donations and general membership. At the heart of the Society is the commitment of its members to selfless service.

You will be eligible to vote at general meetings of the Society after you have been a member for ninety days, and will be eligible to be nominated for a position on the Board after you have been a member for one year. As a member, you will be helping support:

  • The Centre in its mission of passing on spiritual teachings, and promoting peace.
  • The training given in our Residential Karma Yoga Program.

How To Become a Member

Membership cost is $26.25 ($25 + GST) per calendar year, January to December.

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Alternatively, you may send a cheque payable to Dharma Sara Satsang Society along with your name, address and email address to:

355 Blackburn Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
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Please email info@saltspringcentre.com