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Housekeeping Coordinator

The Housekeeping Coordinator is responsible for the cleaning and care of many of the spaces in which our guests and residents live, learn, practice, and play. In addition, the Housekeeping Coordinator schedules, directs, and helps inspire small teams of other resident staff on projects and tasks. Support and orientation will be available from the Centre’s management and elders with a familiarity of the area and the overall workings of the Centre.

The position requires a commitment of 27 hours per week of work in housekeeping. All residents at the Centre are also asked contribute up to 4 hours per week of volunteer communal chores and cleanup shifts. During the first 10 weeks of your time here, we also ask for 7 hours per week of participation in community activities and meetings, as well as classes on yoga theory and practice. This helps new staff understand and connect to the aims of the Centre and the community in a deeper way. Please see below for further details about the job.

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Responsibilities & Qualifications


  • Oversee the ongoing cleaning of public event spaces, guest rooms, bathrooms, and a few other communal areas at the Centre.
  • Ensure that event spaces and guest rooms are set up according to clients’ requests, as communicated by the Centre’s Office team.
  • Manage the washing, drying, sorting, and folding of laundry from guest bedding and bathroom use, as well as from certain other work areas (e.g. cleaning cloths from the kitchen and dish room).
  • Purchase cleaning supplies and other necessary items according to a budget set with Centre Management, and report all expenditures promptly.
  • Monitor and communicate maintenance needs to Centre Management and Maintenance staff.
  • Plan and execute cleaning and upkeep tasks on daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal scales.    
  • Provide basic, on-the-job direction and instruction to small teams of housekeeping staff.


  • At least 1-3 years experience in housekeeping or related work.
  • Experience and skill in leading teams of 2-5 people, or more.
  • Good organizational skills, including the ability to plan and track seasonal projects, prioritize and delegate smaller tasks on a day-to-day basis, and maintain the area’s  inventories of supplies.
  • Ability to collaborate with other area coordinators and the Centre’s management.
  • Ability to perform some physically demanding labor, including scrubbing, lifting and squatting, and to remain unfazed by dirt and grime.
  • Interest in community life, spiritual practice, and self-development.
  • Legally able to work in Canada.

Working Conditions

We’re definitely not your average workplace. Most of the people who’ve lived and worked here count it among the most unique and transformative experiences of their lives. If you’re just interested in punching the clock and getting a paycheck, then this place probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re open to exploring community life and spiritual practice, all while working hard to be of service to others, then there’s a good chance you’ll have a great time with us.  


  • Private accommodation with shared bathroom.
  • Monthly stipend
  • Instruction in yoga practice and philosophy, including free access to our ongoing public yoga classes.
  • WiFi and laundry facilities.
  • Two hot vegetarian meals per day, a self-serve continental breakfast, and access to a shared staff kitchen.

Yoga and Community

As an added bonus, when you arrive, you’ll take part in the offerings provided in our Residential Karma Yoga Program for the first 10 weeks of your time here. You’ll learn and practice alongside other folks who come to work in our kitchen, maintenance, farm, office, and housekeeping teams. This allows new residents to gain a thorough introduction to the teachings and practices of yoga that inspire SSCY. Participants in the program normally pay $1155 for the 10-week period, but we include it as part of the coordinator’s compensation. The ten-week program includes:
  • Two 75-minute classes per week on yoga philosophy, practice, and community life.
  • Two 60-minute classes per week on traditional yogic breathing and meditation.
  • One 90-minute community circle per week for group discussions on matters relevant to community life.
  • Access to ongoing yoga classes and other special events at SSCY.

To apply

Please email us a cover letter demonstrating your interest in this position and resume to: hr@saltspringcentre.com

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