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Returning Karma Yogi

New residents at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga (SSCY) are asked to come through our Residential Karma Yoga Program (RKYP) in order to gain a thorough orientation to the aims and operations of the Centre. The program also provides a supportive structure for their initial time here. Likewise, people hired for skilled coordinator positions are also asked to attend the offerings of the RKYP so as to better understand the aims of the Centre and integrate themselves into the community.

However, a different set of expectations applies to returning karma yogis. People are considered returning karma yogis at SSCY if they have: 

  • completed a session of our RKYP or YSSI, or 
  • have lived and worked at SSCY for 3 months or more, or
  • have completed at least YSC 1 at Mount Madonna Center.  

Returning karma yogis are already familiar with the intentions and practices that guide our Centre. They also have proven experience with the sort of work that goes on at SSCY, as well as with living and working with others in community. As a result, they have a different set of options should they wish to come to the Centre:

  • An additional session of RKYP at a reduced rate (see the Karma Yoga Program description)
  • The option to stay at the Centre on an even work exchange for up to 6 weeks.  For the work exchange, returning karma yogis are asked to contribute a weekly total of 22 hours per week which includes, 16 hours per week in various departments, plus 5-6 hours per week of communal aspects including chores and cleanups, work projects, weekly staff meetings, and a weekly community circle. In exchange, they receive 3 meals a day and access to our ongoing yoga classes and KY offerings.

In both instances, the opportunity to return is subject to approval through an application process, and it is dependent on factors such as the availability of housing, work area needs, and the applicant’s good standing with SSCY. Pursuant to the last point, applicants are asked to provide the names of two references from residents or members of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, the Dharma Sara Satsang Society, Mt. Madonna Center, or the Hanuman Fellowship who can wholeheartedly recommend them as a returning karma yogi.

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