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Meet Sally Adnams Jones, our new Centre Director

Sally Adnams Jones, 2015

Sally Adnams Jones, 2015

I am delighted to be serving the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga as the new Director, and am grateful to the DS Board for giving me an opportunity to live, learn and grow alongside this special community.

My hometown is Durban, South Africa, famous for its beaches, sugar cane and the largest community of Hindus outside of India. I was introduced to meditation practices early on, witnessing as a child the joyful street dancing of the Hari Krishnas; the lights and fire-cracker celebrations of Diwali; and the deep trances of the fire-walking ceremonies, where aspirants would walk bare foot across beds of burning coals, or hang avocados from hooks in their skin without bleeding or signs of pain. From a young age I noticed the joyful bhakti, and the self-discipline of people’s minds, and was curious.

As a teen, I was given a mango and a copy of the Gita by a sadhu on the street. I enjoyed the fruit, but the sacred text gathered dust in my bookshelf for several years, until at nineteen I started to practice yoga, which I recognised immediately as a natural expression of my spirituality. Over the years, I have studied with many teachers, some in lineages, and some who have blended their own meditative practices. I took my YTT 500 at the Amrit Yoga Institute, and then, being a Jnana geek, I decided to do a Masters Degree in Yoga Education at the Hindu University of America. Being fascinated by human potentials, I have followed this with PhD studies in Transformative Education.

In my professional life, I have taught art and designed clothes and interiors, and have been the director of a Wellness Centre, but over the years, as I became acquainted with Babaji’s books, the Centre began to feel like my spiritual home. Six years ago, while sipping chai at Latte da, I mentioned to a group of elders that I knew the centre would somehow be in my future, but I did not know how or when. So I am very happy to be here now, if a little overwhelmed, and am grateful to the community for their patience as I learn the rhythms and nuances of all the operations.

I would like to thank every previous director, and the hundreds of karma yogis who have contributed so tirelessly, in so many ways, to the development of this unique experiment in human possibilities. The centre would not exist without you!

One thought on "Meet Sally Adnams Jones, our new Centre Director"

  • Dear Sally

    May I share this letter with you which I sent to Kalpana and Sharada.
    I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to spent extended time at the Centre and taking the YTT in 2012 – which attuned my life further with the spirit of Yoga.

    For too long I haven’t been in touch with the Centre, even so its vibrancy lives in my heart. Last year I made it briefly over and what a joy it was to see you Sharada walking up for Kirtan when I arrived.

    Just read that Janaki left her physical body behind – – – will take a while for me to take this in… I dearly loved her presence, spirit and support…
    Too easily we push aside the transitory nature of our existence in this world. Even if we ‘know’ about it – if it meets our heart it creates unthought vibrations.

    How strange that with this note I wanted to point out a documentary film to you: “Final Pose”. My dear yoga teacher from Hawaii Cathy Louise Broda ( sent me the link. In this film Myra Lani Fisher, a yoga instructor diagnosed with a terminal cancer, decides to openly discuss her dying.

    Though of sharing this film with all of you, even so I don’t know if this would be appropriate during the annual yoga retreat celebration. I would have loved so much to join myself but I won’t be able to arrange it. I am still residing on Cortes Island, the place I moved to after leaving the Centre. My intention is to return back to Salt Spring and hope an opportunity will arise in the near future.

    If you like to see this film you can view it via this link – listed at the end of that page:

    My heartfelt blessings are with all of you


    by Rabindranath Tagore:
    Death is not extinguishing the light,
    it is only putting out the lamp
    because the dawn has come.

    as well as:
    Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time
    like dew on the tip of a leaf.

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