Bija: Plantings Seeds for the New Year | Online

5 Day Online Yoga Retreat

December 27, 2021 – January 1, 2022

Everything we do, say, and think leaves an impression deep in our consciousness. Commit to practices over the holidays that keep you anchored and balanced. Be moderate in your indulgences, humble in your desires, and dedicated to your health and well-being. 

This Retreat is intended for yogis who wish to stay rooted in their practice over the holidays and who wish to make a greater commitment to the health and happiness of ourselves, others, and the magnificent Mother Earth.

Retreat includes daily yoga classes (on video or Live on Zoom), daily inspirational podcasts, optional workshops, wholesome and nourishing recipes, and a holiday inspired self-care package!

Three Pillars of Yogic Happiness: Sattva | Saucha | Santosh

During this Retreat, you will have the opportunity to attend two (optional) workshops on the Three Pillars of Yogic Happiness- sattva, saucha, and santosh. Cultivating these three qualities results in inner purity, harmony, and gratitude. Learn simple ways to commit to these virtues and generate vibrant and radiant health and a content and happy heart.


Farah is an inspirational yoga teacher, podcast host, and advocate of yogic practices that support health, happiness and harmony.  She is founder of Drishti Point yoga Podcasts and has hosted podcasts for Hollyhock, Banyen Books, and Vancouver Co-op Radio.

Farah specializes in facilitating transformational experiences in Retreat settings in BC and internationally. She teaches locally at Xenia Centre, Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, Hollyhock Leadership Centre, and leads international Yoga Retreats with True Nature Travels.

She has a deep love for all things yoga and is profoundly inspired by the sacred texts of yoga, the teachings of Buddhism, and wisdom traditions that lead us to love, truth, and being of service.


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This Retreat is offered on a donation basis. Payment suggestions are offered. Please note – no one is refused due to lack of funds. Every donation (whatever the amount) is valued and appreciated. Participants are welcome to contribute what they can comfortably afford and to be generous within their means.