Celtic Wisdom Series

with Meri Fowler

Part I: Introduction to Celtic Spirituality and Seership

Spirituality as practiced by the ancient Celtic people in the British Isles had many parallels to Vedic and Yogic practices including meditation, a system similar to chakras, ritual and belief in reincarnation. The Celts had mainly an animistic or shamanistic culture meaning that they saw life and divinity within the world; trees, mountains, rivers, the earth, stars, moon and sun were all considered living beings with souls.

I invite you to explore this life-affirming practice not to change the practice you already have but to deepen your understanding and connection to life. As we practice seership we also expand and awaken our own intuitive gifts such as dream healing, precognition, empathy, telepathy and more. These gifts are natural spiritual propensities of all human beings, called ‘siddhis’ in Vedanta, and not supernatural.


Meri Fowler had been teaching and practicing Celtic Seership for more than twenty years. She is also a Wiccan High Priestess, a nurse, a martial arts and meditation instructor, the founder of the Sacred Cauldron Wiccan Community Center in Montreal and the Greenwood Celtic Shamanic Wiccan Tradition. She studied Shamanism for 14 years with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Montreal and has participated in courses with other Celtic wisdom teachers such as R.J.Stewart and Orion Foxwood. Before embarking on this journey Meri also studied Yoga and lived in an Ashram for 7 years as well as being a member in the Sat Sang at the Salt Spring Center.


Workshop will run from 10:00AM – 4:00PM with evening programs to follow from 7:00PM – 9:00PM


Rooms are available for an additional $165 / night and can booked through the Salt Spring Centre office by e-mailing info@saltspringcentre.com.

For guests staying overnight, dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday will be provided.


Part I: Introduction to Celtic Spirituality and Seership (this workshop)
Part II: The Celtic Book of the Dead
Part II: Brighid and the Celtic Healer
Part IV: The Celtic Faery Tradition
Part V: Advanced Celtic Healing Techniques


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