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Ayurvedic Oil Pulling (aka Gandusha)

You may have heard about Oil Pulling; it’s become quite the new fashion in some circles! It’s something of an unusual practice, especially the first time you do it, but after trying it once, I was hooked! It gives the mouth not a feeling of freshness, but also has a soothing effect on the whole […]

Ayurveda, Yoga & You: Maintaining an Even Keel

Maintaining an Even Keel: Understanding our Mental Temperament If you’ve ever tried to sail a boat, fly a kite, or surf the ocean waves, you have a sense of what it means to keep ‘an even keel.’ An ability to focus, to hold the mind steady in the moment, while also perceiving the ever-changing conditions, […]

Abhyanga: The Ayurvedic Art of Self-Massage

The summer months are the perfect time to experiment with abhyanga – the Ayurvedic art of oil massage. As we mentioned in last month’s column, abhyanga (self massage with warm oil) nourishes the skin, as well as soothes the nervous system, stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, and enlivens the immune system. This nurturing […]

Ayurveda, Yoga & You: The Hot Belly Diet book review

Ayurveda, Yoga and You: The Hot Belly Diet by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar Dr. Suhas (as he is called by his students and colleagues) has sub-titled his new book “A 30-day Ayurvedic Plan to Reset your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Restore your Body’s Natural Balance to Heal Itself.” And the magical diet plan he describes presents […]

Ayurveda, Yoga & You – Superfoods for your Body Type

Making healthy food choices often seems like a daunting task. So many things to choose from, and so many filled with sugar and fat! And, everyone seems to have a different philosophy of what and how to eat, so that our individual food choices seem to require a doctorate in food science! And then, we […]

Ayurveda, Yoga and You – Antidotes to Stress and Anxiety

We’ve all heard that stress has a wearing effect on the nerves, the emotions, and even on the strength of our immune response. Relationship challenges, job insecurity, climate change, or simply waiting in line at the airport can trigger a stress response, sending debilitating hormones racing through our system. From a medical perspective, stress can […]

Sweets without Sugar

  Yum, cookies. Yum, ice cream. Yum, chocolate mousse. Yum, yum . . . sugar! How many times a day do you reach for some sugar? With your coffee or tea first thing in the morning? With your breakfast, as jam on your toast? For a mid-morning snack, as a sweet roll or donut? And […]

Dealing with the Dark Days

Particularly in the northern latitudes where daylight can be as little as 6-8 hours during the winter months, the darkening days can often pose a challenge to our peace of mind. Then when the sky is cloudy, the wind whips up, and the rains pour down, our mind can so easily follow . . . […]

Soup, Beautiful Soup – Recipes for Fall

Ayurveda has always stressed the importance of serving freshly cooked meals, using fresh ingredients, and cooking with a sense that we are feeding the divine within ourselves. To have the means and the skills to feed ourselves is such a blessing! And to be blessed with the abundance of a home garden from which to […]

Balancing Vata Dosha in the Fall Season

September brings us the change of season – summer turning to autumn. Evenings become chillier; winds rustle the drying leaves and bring them floating to earth. A bounteous harvest fills the kitchen with rich, earthy smells of fresh fruits and veggies. The air element predominates during this time of year. Light, dry and cool qualities […]

Keeping your cool in the summer heat

Summer is the time of year when pitta dosha predominates both in the body and in the outer world. For vata and kapha predominant folks, this is a great blessing; they’re going to feel warm and cozy at last! But if we have pitta predominant in our nature, any excess of inner heat can become […]

Developing Positive Qualities: Ayurveda and the Mind

Babaji was once asked, “I have a hard time meditating; I don’t have much devotion; I don’t have time for karma yoga. What can I do?” Sometimes he replied, “Develop positive qualities.” Other times he answered, “Live a virtuous life.” Both these suggestions point to enhancing sattva in our lives. Last month, we talked about […]

The Yogic Sattvic Diet

While Ayurveda and yoga share the same roots in the ancient Vedic literature, they do have distinctive differences in their approach. In Ayurveda, we are working to maintain a balance of the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha – within our physical-emotional-mental body – in order to live a productive blissful life, of bhoga […]

Exercising your True Nature

As the sky clears and the weather warms, the spring flowers burst out in all their colorful glory. And we all feel the pull to spend more time outdoors. With that urge may come the desire to get back into an exercise routine. Our body yearns for more movement, whether outside, on the yoga mat […]