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Commitment to Spiritual Practice

Why is it so difficult to commit to regular practice? The answer lies in our thoughts and desires. Everyone wants to be happy and live in peace, but. we’re easily distracted from our goal by the prospect of short-term pleasure. There is nothing wrong with having fun (in fact, it’s necessary), but if we continually […]

Questions and Answers with Babaji

(From Offerings of summer 1998) Q: How does one know if he or she is on the right spiritual path? B: When the mind gets calmer and reduces its attachment to the world, that indicates that the path is right. Q: Seems my sadhana (spiritual practice) goes through times of being hot and cold. How […]

Accepting our Limitations

We human beings like to think we can control what happens in our lives, yet there is so much that is not in our control. Each of us comes into the world with certain tendencies. We can’t change our height, our body type, the colour of our skin, our age or the family patterns we […]

Practicing Gratitude

It’s easy to be grateful when things are going well, but when we’re struggling, it can be hard to access even the possibility of gratitude. At those times it may be hard to see anything to be grateful for. When we see the glass as half-empty, we tend to see only what’s not working. It […]

The Company We Keep

We are strongly affected by the company we keep. Some people, environments and activities bring out our best qualities, and some have the opposite effect. Think about what happens to you when you spend time doing things that you know affect you negatively. Do you find yourself falling into old, possibly unhealthy, habits? Does your […]

Not taking things personally

As we begin another year, it’s helpful to do some self reflection. What’s going well in your life? Where are you struggling? That’s the first question; the second one can be more challenging. In the part of your life that’s difficult, why are you struggling? It’s all too easy to blame others for our problems. […]

What is it you really want?

What is it you want? If you got the thing you want, what would that give you? How would you feel – relaxed? peaceful? happy? Maybe that’s what you really want, and the thing you’re hoping for is just a means to that end. If what you want is to be relaxed, peaceful and happy, […]