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Babaji’s Health Update (March 2018)

Dear Ones, Babaji’s consciousness continues to shine through his frail body. Sadly, the extent of his fragility now requires Hospice Care. Hospice of Santa Cruz is an excellent organization and will formally support Babaji’s care from now on. Please continue your thoughts and prayers for his peace. Please know that information on his passing will […]

Practicing Gratitude

It’s easy to be grateful when things are going well, but when we’re struggling, it can be hard to access even the possibility of gratitude. At those times it may be hard to see anything to be grateful for. When we see the glass as half-empty, we tend to see only what’s not working. It […]

Turning Inward

Each season (of nature, of life) brings its own beauty. Later this month marks the official beginning of winter, although we’ve been moving toward winter for several weeks. In this part of the world, the days have become shorter and by late afternoon the darkness is setting in; this is an invitation to turn inward. […]


Tolerance, Compassion and Contentment

About forty years ago, I wrote a letter to Babaji complaining about someone in my life (my husband), and asked what I should do. In his response, he told me to practice tolerance, compassion and contentment. I sort of understood, but not fully. I had some understanding about what tolerance and compassion were, but I […]

Don’t Give Up

Life is not always easy, and we regularly fail in our attempts to live with compassion and stay true to our convictions. Each time we fall, we can pick ourselves up and move forward. Babaji says, Failure is the foundation of success. We learn how to achieve success by failing in our efforts. The main […]

Living in Community

As mentioned in this month’s Centre update, the subject of community is in the air. In the many years since Dharma Sara Satsang Society began forming as a community, we have learned a lot about what makes a community work and what doesn’t – often the hard way – and we continue learning. As the […]

It’s not what’s happening, it’s how you respond

Babaji has written, “Accepting the present is happiness.” Although we may understand this on some level, some of the time, very often we want things to be different from how they are right now. If it’s unpleasant, we want it to stop or go away; if it’s pleasant, we want more of it or we […]

Regular Sadhana (Spiritual Practice)

Over the course of many years Babaji has often responded to students’ anxious questions with the recommendation to do regular sadhana, later shortened on his chalkboard to RS. Sadhana, or spiritual practice, comes in many forms. Many people have a committed asana practice, and that is one expression of sadhana, as is the practice of […]

Inspiration and Gratitude

Having just returned from Mount Madonna Center – the Salt Spring Centre’s big sister centre – to celebrate Babaji’s 90th birthday and to connect with many, many brothers and sisters in our satsang family, I am struck by the precious gift of having met a master yogi and been taught, inspired and supported by Baba […]

Developing Positive Qualities

Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” We may understand this as an intellectual concept, but it’s not how we usually live our lives. We have some very strong preferences (in itself not a problem), but when we react when something doesn’t go as we want – with […]


Staying centred in the midst of life’s turmoil

We are all familiar with stress in its many manifestations. Why do we get so caught in the drama of life and in our habitual reactions? Sometimes life seems to flow along smoothly and we are calm, open, loving. Then something happens – and boom – we’re right back into our old patterns, even though […]

A Special Celebration – Babaji’s 90th Birthday

The Hanuman Fellowship invites you to join with us in honoring Babaji’s life and works in his 90th year
The Upasana Retreat at
 Mount Madonna Center May 23 – 27th, 2013 
In the spirit of “reunion”, we are celebrating Babaji’s 90th birthday and the many projects he has inspired in the US, Canada and […]

Karma Yoga – a Practice for Daily Life

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is rooted in the practice of karma yoga, the practice of selfless service, or at least holding the intention of the practice of selfless service. Until we’re no longer identified with our own individual stories – our bodies, our thoughts, our relationships and our ‘things’ – we are not […]

Offering to God

Offering to God: A tribute to Vishnu Ma and a teaching for all of us from Babaji A number of years ago, one of Mount Madonna Center’s senior residents, in fact the oldest resident in the community and a longtime student of Babaji’s, asked Babaji about her sadhana practice. She was in her early 80s at […]

Continuing Beginners

Yoga programs at the Centre are designed for anyone who wants to learn and practice, at whatever level. Some people are new to yoga and others have been practicing for years. Many are in the middle: They started practicing years ago, but haven’t continued on a regular basis. So, in addition to offering beginner, intermediate […]