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Meet our Karma Yogis – Mark

I first came to the Centre in the mid 80s for a weekend yoga workshop. My friend and I left the program for an evening to see Valdy in Fulford. We got chastised for leaving, but it was worth it. More recently I heard about this place from my roommate, Johanna. I came here about […]

Meet our Karma Yogis – Marianne

I applied for the Yoga Service and Study Immersion program last year knowing it would be good for me to be in community, to be around people who lived yoga. I had been working non-stop for a long time, spending most of my life alone, and found myself starved of human connection. I also wanted to […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Christine

My background is in child protection social work, which I did for 4 years in Vancouver. An accumulation of physical and emotional suffering propelled me to take a break from the work and listen closer to my body and heart. My instincts told me to get involved in natural building with the Mud Girls on […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Ryan

I first heard about the Centre about six or so years ago, initially from a fellow karma yogi at Yashodhara Ashram. I checked the Centre’s website frequently, but the timing never worked out. I was doing forest fire fighting, which filled spring and summer. The best time for me was winter, but the Centre wasn’t […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Sherri

I am a seeker of new experiences, and community has been a big focal point in that search. My interest in farming and working with the land was what drew me here initially. In a sense I was a bit unprepared for how spiritual this community is. It has been eye-opening to learn about different […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Sue Ann Leavy

Before I came to the Centre I was living in San Francisco, getting my Masters degree in Public Health, having previously gotten a teaching degree and spent time teaching kindergarten and fourth grade. I was working at a yoga studio, doing a bit of work exchange for classes. That was my first real experience of […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Ben Poulton

Physical sports injuries drew me to yoga because I had heard it could help with past injuries. In the fall of 2009 I started practicing with a teacher in Whistler, BC, who played the harmonium and opened her classes with a prayer and shared a spiritual reading. Earlier, I had explored various spiritual paths, but […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Zoe Lee

Prior to coming to the centre I lived in Victoria where I received my Diploma in Indigenous Studies from Camosun College. This is the second time I’ve participated in the Karma Yoga Service & Study Program. One of the reasons I feel I’m so drawn to the Centre stems from my deep appreciation for yoga […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Crystal DeShazo

I had just returned from an adventure in California, teaching yoga and soaking up the sun. In September I started driving up the coast to Canada to visit family, not knowing what I was going to do next. When I was visiting my family in Missouri, I got an email from a friend in Vancouver […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Geraldine Hutchings

I’m sixty-six years old, officially retired last year. I decided that I wanted to travel extensively while I’m still able to do it. I felt I was stagnating while living in Vancouver, following my routine but not meeting new new people. I’ve found that the best part of travelling is meeting new people. Everybody is […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Annie Richard

Before coming here I was working as a technician in a community college, in a sustainable agriculture program in Peterborough, Ontario. I did administrative tasks on the computer, grew food on campus and took care of the greenhouse; I basically helped the program run smoothly. I had never done yoga before, but felt the call […]

Meet our Karma Yogis: Jeff Fisher

I was looking for an experience in which I would have an opportunity to live and work in the same place with people who were also interested in living and working together. Before I came here, I was working in an office doing tech. work for an internet company. The hours were flexible and the […]