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News from the Centre (December 2014)

Hello everyone, December is here: a quiet time that is also full of celebration. Here at the Centre, the residential community is again very small, part of the cycle of life here. There’s still lots of work going on, but there is more opportunity for practice and inward focus. There were several special events here […]

Sharada’s September Update

Hello everyone, Summer has sped by as it seems to do every year, and we’re now moving into the fall season. The Annual Community Yoga Retreat in early August was a wonderful, sweet gathering. Later in August twenty-eight YTT eager students graduated from our YTT program, and are now certified yoga teachers, trained in classical […]

Sharada’s July Update

Hello everyone, Happy Canada Day – and Fourth of July if you’re American – and happy summer, everyone. The sun is shining (on some days), the grass is still green and the sky is light into the late evening. We hear the song of the frogs at night and the birds early in the morning. […]

Sharada’s June Update

Happy summer, everyone. Soon it will be sunny and hot – maybe not today, depending on where you live – but it’s coming. The expansiveness of summer means the Centre is in its busy season, and about to get busier. Following are a few of the events that are about to unfold. This week we […]

Sharada’s May update

Hello to everyone from all of us at the Centre. It’s a glorious day today – sunny, warm, the air filled with the sweet fragrance of spring blossoms and freshly mown grass. Life is in full swing here, with programs or rentals scheduled every weekend and some during the week, plus guests who are here […]

Sharada’s March Update

Welcome to spring at the Centre – a typical west coast spring: weather a little warmer, green and wet, some spring bulbs popping up, and above all, longer hours of daylight. Time to wake up! Our program season begins this month with a Yoga Getaway, March 22-24, by which time our karma yogis for the […]

Sharada’s February Update

Although the weather is still wintery, there’s a touch of spring, of newness in the air. It’s a bit chilly, but the days are getting longer. The darkness of winter is not always something we’re grateful for, but without it we wouldn’t be able to experience and enjoy the gift of the light’s return. The […]

Sharada’s December update

The days are growing shorter and the nights colder, but our resident community of seven people and the many people in the community who don’t live at the Centre continue to keep the light burning in the heart of the Centre. During this time the work of running the Centre slows down somewhat, yet preparations […]