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Finding Community – Aneeta

When I first arrived at the Centre in 2010, I remember seeing the large green house from the top of the gravel path, foreign and strange to me then. It was early September in 2010, the land was quiet and nobody was around. I saw a wheel barrow and several clothes lines upon which hung […]

Our Centre Community: Ishi Dinim

My name is Ishi Dinim. Baba Hari Dass gave me the Sanskrit name Ishan. I was first introduced to the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in the summer of 1998, by my then partner Maya Suess, a lifelong member of the community. We were immersed in a three month Karma Yoga experience which was part […]

The Perfect Path by Peter Ashok Baragon

My “Salt Spring Centre experience” began in 1995 when I was introduced to the Centre by my friend John while visiting the island that summer. John had a picture of Baba Hari Dass on his fridge. I remember asking him, “Who is that man in that picture?” He replied, “Babaji. He is a yogi, he […]

Our Centre Community: Joseph Ramesh Pallant

I am a fortunate man, to have been born a member of Dharma Sara, and to have grown up visiting the Saltspring Centre of Yoga. My parents Pamela Chandra Rose and Wayne Dinesh Pallant were married in a yajna in White Rock at the first annual yoga retreat with Babaji, and so much of life […]

Coming Home – Jules Higginson

As a kid, I connected more easily with animals than with people. People were confusing, animals I could understand. My dad worked as a veterinarian and over the years I got to care for dogs, cats, horses, a 3-legged calf and a camel. I think spending time with animals can give you a better connection […]

Our Centre Community: Tanya Gita Roberts

Learning to Come out of Hiding by Tanya Gita Roberts The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga has felt like home for me right from the very first time I walked onto the grounds. The Centre is a constant for me, somewhere I can return to, a safe place where I can ground and connect with […]

Sue Ann Hamsa Leavy’s “Community Journey”

From my earliest years, my parents encouraged me to follow my intuition and listen to my heart. My family and friends formed an extended community of love and mutual support which, by example, showed me the amazing support system that could be created by those close to me. We all were there for each otherin […]

Our Centre Community: Johanna Peters

The Journey Home I have a sense, if I look far enough back in my experience, of being a child — of existing before all the seeking began, before all the stories of ‘me and my life’ took hold, and the freedom and wonder inherent in that open not-knowing. It seems to me, that the […]

Our Centre Community: Indira/Uma/Cynthia Bennett

A dear friend introduced me to Baba Hari Dass when I was on my way back from my first trip to India in 1977. I had driven a van from London to Kathmandu and had been away from home for two years. I stopped in on my friend at her home in Hilo, Hawaii for […]

Our Centre Community: Glenda Saraswati Garcia

Beckoned by a Teacher and a Community You might think that the remote, cold, north of Saskatchewan is a most unusual place to find a yoga Guru, but in the winter of 2008, that’s exactly what happened to me. At the time I was living in La Ronge, Northern Saskatchewan, working as a dietitian and […]

Our Centre Community: Emily Vimala Rose

The story of my connection to Babaji begins before my birth, and is perhaps more of a story about my family than about me. My parents met in university, and upon graduation, they began to search for some land. Their dream was to build a home and start a farm, and in the fall of […]

Our Centre Community: Piet Suess

Dear Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, I am truly blessed to have you in my life – to have known you growing up and to call you home when I am there. Some time in 1981 the property was purchased and the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga was born. A few months later I decided […]

Our Centre Community: Mark Om Prakash Classen

The first time I saw Babaji, I was seventeen years old. I was in high school, eating from the Hare Krsna Cookbook, doing hatha yoga using Richard Hittleman’s books, and reading Autobiography of a Yogi and Be Here Now. I was an annoyance to my family with my dietary demands, sleeping on a mat on […]

Our Centre Community: Vikash Markus Knox

I grew up near Boston, Mass. with one brother and one sister. My parents are Episcopalians (similar to Anglicans). During my confirmation process at the church, I was not able to get satisfying answers to my questions. As a young man, my first inkling of spiritual life came to me in high school, ever since […]