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Finding Community – Aneeta

When I first arrived at the Centre in 2010, I remember seeing the large green house from the top of the gravel path, foreign and strange to me then. It was early September in 2010, the land was quiet and nobody was around. I saw a wheel barrow and several clothes lines upon which hung […]

Our Centre Community: Indira/Uma/Cynthia Bennett

A dear friend introduced me to Baba Hari Dass when I was on my way back from my first trip to India in 1977. I had driven a van from London to Kathmandu and had been away from home for two years. I stopped in on my friend at her home in Hilo, Hawaii for […]

Our Centre Community: Glenda Saraswati Garcia

Beckoned by a Teacher and a Community You might think that the remote, cold, north of Saskatchewan is a most unusual place to find a yoga Guru, but in the winter of 2008, that’s exactly what happened to me. At the time I was living in La Ronge, Northern Saskatchewan, working as a dietitian and […]

Our Centre Community: Emily Vimala Rose

The story of my connection to Babaji begins before my birth, and is perhaps more of a story about my family than about me. My parents met in university, and upon graduation, they began to search for some land. Their dream was to build a home and start a farm, and in the fall of […]

Our Centre Community: Mark Om Prakash Classen

The first time I saw Babaji, I was seventeen years old. I was in high school, eating from the Hare Krsna Cookbook, doing hatha yoga using Richard Hittleman’s books, and reading Autobiography of a Yogi and Be Here Now. I was an annoyance to my family with my dietary demands, sleeping on a mat on […]

Our Satsang Family: Jeramiah Rajesh Morris

I was born in Florida in 1979 into a family of three sisters and my Canadian mother, Jeanine Paquet (Mamata). We left Florida when I was still a baby, to move to coastal British Columbia. My mother and I, along with her two sisters and their children all lived in a big house in Cloverdale. […]

Our Satsang Family – Chandrika Lajeunesse

I was born on February 12, 1950, the same day as Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin. Can you believe that those two were actually born in the very same year as each other? 1809, one in the USA and the other in England. I grew up in Montreal with my brother who was five years […]

Founding Member Feature: Mamata Kreisler

This month’s Founding Member Feature is not a founding member, but is by the daughter of two longtime students of Babaji and former residents at the Centre – and the only child born on the land (at least while it’s been a yoga centre) – Mamata Kreisler, daughter of Rajani and Rajesh. Read it and learn what it was like […]

Founding Member Feature: Mayana Williamson

When I saw the blue poster, I knew my life was about to change. It announced Dharma Sara’s first Yoga Centre on 4th Avenue in Vancouver, and when I read it I thought, “That place is going to save my life.” It was 1976, I was a musician and a teacher, and I had studied […]

Founding Member Feature: Rajani Rock

My grandmother was a full-blood Apache Indian. Although I knew little about her, I deeply appreciated her ritual ways and the love she showed my own mother. Our home in Ottawa included my parents, 3 brothers, 1 sister and myself. There were many aunts, uncles and cousins in and out of our house, as both […]

Founding Member Feature: Ramanand Chlopan

I grew up in a family of nine – my parents and six kids, 4 girls, two boys. I was third in the lineup. We were raised in a Roman Catholic family (although my father was Eastern Orthodox and had to get permission to marry my mother). We went to church most Sundays and I […]

Founding Member Feature: Shankar

Was there a spiritual side to your life before meeting Babaji? I was raised in England in an Irish Catholic family, and in my early teens began to immerse myself in various devotional practices of that tradition. However, after three years at a Christian Brothers school, I rejected formal Catholicism, and with it organized religion […]

Founding Member Feature: Chandra

I met Babaji in 1974, in the attic room of Spruce Street House in Vancouver where so many of us assembled. As soon as I entered the room and saw him I knew that life would never be the same – it felt like stepping into another realm of existence. I felt very warm and […]

Founding Member Feature: Mahesh and Abha (Roy and Raye)

By Mahesh, dedicated to Abha I was born in Vancouver in 1934. As a child, I stuttered and was very shy. I grew up in Vancouver, Westminster and Squamish, living with my grandparents. My grandmother taught me a lot about spirituality. Raye was born in 1935. Her mother died when she was very young, and […]

Founding Member Feature: Girija

I was born into a very loving family, in Montreal, Quebec. It was my parents’ influence that gave me the inspiration to explore life. In that atmosphere, and from a very young age, I met quite a few spiritual teachers, some pure, some not so pure. Some of these popular teachers got caught up in […]