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Shankar’s September update

Greetings: The Centre rarely hosts weddings but this past weekend was an exception. In bright sunshine on the flower-strewn mound, we celebrated the marriage of Sean Crabtree and Melinda Quintero. Lakshmi’s son, Sean, who was born on Salt Spring Island, has been associated with the Centre community all his life. He was already working at […]

Sharada’s August Update

In the blink of an eye, it’s August. Since the last edition of this newsletter, the first session of Yoga Teacher Training and the 38th Annual Community Yoga Retreat have come and gone. Later this week, the YTT students will return for the second session of their program, culminating with their graduation as certified yoga […]

Shankar’s July update

Greetings: While the rest of the continent has been experiencing drought, fires and record high temperatures, the Pacific northwest has had to wait until now for the first real days of summer. This has delayed farm production but has meant an abundance of succulent greens both on the table and at the farm stand. It […]

Shankar’s June update

Greetings: This past Sunday the Centre hosted Swami Santatmananda, the resident acharya at the Swami Dayananda Ashram in Rishikesh. Ahead of satsang and the community dinner he gave an introductory talk on Vedanta to about a hundred people. Visits such as this are inspiring and form an important part of the program the Centre offers […]

Shankar’s May update

Greetings: The swallows are back and fluttering around the back deck, choosing corners and ledges to build their mud nests, just like their parents and so many generations before them. The goldfinches have returned and will spend their summer splashing in the fountain in front of the main house. And, earlier than ever, our farm […]

Shankar’s April update

Greetings: Often when people come to the Centre as guests or KYs, they hope to start a regular yoga practice or strengthen an existing one. Babaji has said that his main aim in life is to bring people into regular sadhana (he even has a rubber stamp with RS on it), and this is an […]

Shankar’s March update

Greetings: As a misty early morning rain falls in the Blackburn valley, there’s a quiet hum of activity around the Centre. All the full-season staff are now here setting up for the early programs. There are new faces and new roles, and a strong sense of purpose. Jack Teng and Emily Adam are managing the […]

Shankar’s February update

The year 2011 was significant for the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga with the centennial celebration of the main house and thirty years of its use for our Centre. It has been an extraordinary period. In an era when many spiritual and healing centres were much talked about and a far smaller number actually started, […]

Shankar’s November update

As the sun sets over the Centre, twenty beautifully carved pumpkins glow on the back porch, the remnants of the Centre’s Halloween dinner party. This was a time to thank some dedicated people. Sofya Raginsky our Farm Manager, began with us three years ago and said at that time that she was hoping to buy […]

Shankar’s October Greeting

September at the Centre has been delightful with warm sunny days and little rain. Likewise, the Open House at the very beginning of the month was blessed with a particularly beautiful day which encouraged a couple of hundred islanders to visit the Centre. They were given free yoga classes, tours of the historic Blackburn home […]

September greetings from Shankar

Greetings: Though the skies are blue and the air warm, camping days at the Centre are over for the year. The summer karma yogis have left for school, travel, work or family and the new group is settling in for the fall, and now we are down to a resident community of less than twenty. […]

July Greetings from Shankar

The peas are head high, the strawberries are ripening and the first meal of new potatoes can’t be far off. The swallows’ nest just outside the kitchen door has been home to scores of swallows over the years, and has entertained countless staff and guests, and more than a few wide-eyed children. Now the latest […]

May Greetings from Shankar

Greetings: Spring is the time of renewal, a time to clean the dark corners left untouched through the winter. As more and more spring flowers begin to bloom, albeit belatedly this year, the Centre too is being beautified. Hanging flower baskets are being prepared and scores of flower varieties are waiting in trays in the […]

March Greetings from Shankar

The daffodils and crocuses, undaunted by last week’s surprise snowfall and freeze, are showing their buds again, the cover crops on the Centre farm are lush and green, and a myriad of little birds can be seen foraging among the shrubs and grasses. Spring is on the way. March is the month we swing back […]