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The Company We Keep

We are strongly affected by the company we keep. Some people, environments and activities bring out our best qualities, and some have the opposite effect. Think about what happens to you when you spend time doing things that you know affect you negatively. Do you find yourself falling into old, possibly unhealthy, habits? Does your […]

Guidelines for Life

As we face both joys and challenges throughout life, we generally have some guidelines that we use to make decisions. Some are provided by religions, by the cultures and traditions we grew up in, how we’ve been raised or what we’ve learned over the years. Years ago, Babaji wrote this set of guidelines for our […]


Trusting Life

Many years ago, my husband and I were cleaning our 1967 VW camper in preparation for a road trip to California (during which, as it happened, we met Babaji for the first time). After fixing it up, we added a final touch – a poster of a smiling Meher Baba with these words at the […]


The Problem with Self-Interest

If we pay attention, we can see how much of our life is guided by self-interest. It’s not that we don’t care about others, but we look out for ourselves first. We can see it when we notice how quick we are to defend ourselves when someone criticizes us or doesn’t give us the recognition […]

Not taking things personally

As we begin another year, it’s helpful to do some self reflection. What’s going well in your life? Where are you struggling? That’s the first question; the second one can be more challenging. In the part of your life that’s difficult, why are you struggling? It’s all too easy to blame others for our problems. […]

News from the Centre (December 2014)

Hello everyone, December is here: a quiet time that is also full of celebration. Here at the Centre, the residential community is again very small, part of the cycle of life here. There’s still lots of work going on, but there is more opportunity for practice and inward focus. There were several special events here […]

Sharada’s September Update

Hello everyone, Summer has sped by as it seems to do every year, and we’re now moving into the fall season. The Annual Community Yoga Retreat in early August was a wonderful, sweet gathering. Later in August twenty-eight YTT eager students graduated from our YTT program, and are now certified yoga teachers, trained in classical […]

Sharada’s July Update

Hello everyone, Happy Canada Day – and Fourth of July if you’re American – and happy summer, everyone. The sun is shining (on some days), the grass is still green and the sky is light into the late evening. We hear the song of the frogs at night and the birds early in the morning. […]

Sharada’s June Update

Happy summer, everyone. Soon it will be sunny and hot – maybe not today, depending on where you live – but it’s coming. The expansiveness of summer means the Centre is in its busy season, and about to get busier. Following are a few of the events that are about to unfold. This week we […]

Sharada’s May update

Hello to everyone from all of us at the Centre. It’s a glorious day today – sunny, warm, the air filled with the sweet fragrance of spring blossoms and freshly mown grass. Life is in full swing here, with programs or rentals scheduled every weekend and some during the week, plus guests who are here […]

Developing Positive Qualities

Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” We may understand this as an intellectual concept, but it’s not how we usually live our lives. We have some very strong preferences (in itself not a problem), but when we react when something doesn’t go as we want – with […]

Sharada’s April update

Although it’s been in the air for a while, spring officially arrived a couple of weeks ago. It may not be so on the day this arrives in your inbox, but today the sun is shining and the sky is clear blue with only tiny wisps of clouds. Our community has grown once again, and […]

Sharada’s December update

The days are growing shorter and the nights colder, but our resident community of seven people and the many people in the community who don’t live at the Centre continue to keep the light burning in the heart of the Centre. During this time the work of running the Centre slows down somewhat, yet preparations […]

Sharada’s November Update

The water is rushing in the creek and the pond is very full. The deer are eating the last of the windfall pears that lie outside the farm fence – and occasionally managing to get into the garden; the farm team is working on closing all possible entry points. Our program season is almost over […]

Sharada’s October update

The leaves are falling, the tomatoes and cucumbers are ripe and the sun is still shining – precious days before the rains set in. This season of change is upon us once again, part of an ongoing cycle. Change can be unsettling and also liberating, depending on our response to it, yet it’s the nature […]