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News from the Centre – March 2016

Hello everyone, Spring! It’s March, the month that marks the official beginning of spring and the change back to daylight saving time. It is also the time of daffodils, nettles, budding trees, spring planting, Easter, and spring break for schools. New and Upcoming Programs We are excited to offer a new program this month – […]

News from the Centre – November 2015

Hello everyone, This month we in BC shift back to standard time, meaning there’s light earlier in the morning and darkness coming earlier at the end of the day. November marks the beginning of celebrations of light, to keep the light inside us burning in the midst of the darkening time of year. Our residential […]

News from the Centre – October 2015

Hello everyone, Autumn has definitely arrived. The weather is cooler and wetter, and the residential community has begun its seasonal shrinking, although we still have several wonderful karma yogis here. This is the season of abundance, as you can see from this photo. We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our island satsang family as […]

News from the Centre – September 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying these last few days of summer. Lovely as all the sunshine is, we’re looking forward to a bit of rain. In fact, as I write this just before the end of August, the rains have arrived! We may get tired of it after a while, but right […]

News from the Centre – August 2015

Hello everyone, When this month’s newsletter arrives in your inbox (if you subscribe), we will be in the midst of our Annual Community Yoga Retreat (July 30 – August 3), our 41st consecutive retreat. The first one, in 1975, was at a rented camp in White Rock, BC. After that there were a few in […]

News from the Centre – June 2015

Hello everyone, As I write this it’s almost June, but feels like July. Perhaps it will already have changed by the time this is posted, but right now it’s summer. Dharma Sara Satsang Society’s AGM took place earlier in May, with reports from all departments and an election of officers. Divakar, after serving for many […]

News from the Centre (December 2014)

Hello everyone, December is here: a quiet time that is also full of celebration. Here at the Centre, the residential community is again very small, part of the cycle of life here. There’s still lots of work going on, but there is more opportunity for practice and inward focus. There were several special events here […]

News from the Centre – November 2014

Hello everyone, Time seems to have speeded up (must have something to do with aging), and it is now November, and most definitely fall. The long dry period has ended and all the plants and trees are happily soaking up the rain. The harvest has been abundant. David and Jeff filled several wheelbarrows full of […]

News from the Centre (October 2014)

Hello everyone, Autumn, the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (from ‘Ode to Autumn’ by John Keats) has arrived in its gentle beauty. This is the month of Canadian Thanksgiving, a time for all of us to join in gratitude for what we have been given: the guidance of our teacher, Baba Hari Dass, the […]

News from the Centre (September 2014)

Hello everyone, As I write this, the sky is cloudy, and although there may yet be many days of sunshine, fall is definitely in the air. Just a short while ago, we were in the midst of YTT and ACYR in the heat of July and August. Both programs were uplifting and deeply satisfying on […]

News from the Centre (August 2014)

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine and warmth (and heat) of the summer. Here at the Centre the summer season seems to be flying by. The first part of July was full and rich, with the first session of Yoga Teacher Training alongside the Yoga Service and Study Immersion program. Meanwhile plans […]

News from the Centre (July 2014)

Hello to all of you, Those of us living in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the long days of sunshine (and occasional showers) of summer. Life is beautiful at the Centre. Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians and Happy Fourth of July to our American friends. We hope to see many of you this […]

News from the Centre (May 2014)

Hello everyone, As I write this the sun is shining and there are blossoms on some trees, swelling buds on others. Lots of pollen, too! Because we’re in a valley, in one of the multiple microclimates on this island, the flowers start blooming here just a bit later than some other places on Salt Spring. […]

News from the Centre (April 2014)

Hello everyone, Spring is here for real now, and planting has begun! Meanwhile we continue to share in the bounty of greens the garden has produced all winter -and, of course, the nettles that grow wild in many places on the land. Happy spring to you! The Centre’s program season has begun, starting with a […]

Sharada’s January update

I hope you all had a peaceful holiday season and are ready for another spin around the sun as we begin this new year. As it turns out, the world didn’t end on December 21 and here we are. I remember the same forecast about the millenium, and that also went right by. It turns […]