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Message From Our Coordinator

Namaste Fellow Beings of Love and Light,

I would like to take this time to invite you to register for our Virtual Summer Yoga Retreat, where we will be “Bringing our Practice Home”. This year, for the first time ever, the Centre is hosting our annual retreat online.

Truly, I must say, there has been such an effort by the whole planning team for the Retreat, that we have really functioned as a group Coordinator this year. My name’s Anuradha and I feel I am the Coordinator, in name alone, of the 46th Annual Community Yoga Retreat. It’s been a highlight and an honour to be involved in the retreats through the years. Such a special time for all.

To ensure everyone’s safety, even after the restrictions on gatherings have been lifted, and also in recognition that people may be facing travel restrictions or financial challenges due to this unprecedented shut-down, the Centre has planned this retreat online. While we won’t be together in person, we can still be together in spirit. We are excitedly planning to bring the best parts of the retreat to you in your home!

  • During the retreat, we will be studying and practicing the teachings of Baba Hari Dass
    We will be experiencing the practice through yoga asana, pranayama, meditation practices and much more. Our program is open to everyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners.
  • There will also be opportunities for you to connect with your fellow retreat attendees
    Connect in our live, interactive sessions and also in more informal ways during our “Picnic Table” sessions.
  • Yoga asana classes will be available for students of all levels
    We are offering multiple asana classes, Gentle and Power routines, and a special class just for kids!
  • There will be entertainment and programs to lift our spirits
    We encourage you to join us for our evening events.
  • Are you busy and not sure if you’ll be available to participate in all of the sessions we’re offering?
    We will be posting all pre-recorded and live sessions online, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.
  • And don’t worry if you’re not super tech savvy.
    Prior to the retreat, you will have an opportunity to learn about the simple technology we’re using to deliver this retreat to you in your home! All you need is a device (i.e., computer, smartphone or tablet) and an internet connection.

We invite you to re-establish, to begin, and to deepen your practice with us.

During these challenging times, we need each other even more than ever, and we’re looking forward to coming together. We hope you’ll join us.

Peace in the mind,
Love and Compassion in the Heart,
Bring the scattered world into one Reality.

– Babaji

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Pricing Background

The Virtual Annual Yoga Retreat’s tiered pricing structure is intended to allow participants to select the level of payment most appropriate for their circumstances. This gives participants the ability to choose the tier that is most affordable for themselves and their family. No matter which price is selected, all will receive the same community retreat experience. 

The Centre’s goal in offering an online retreat with tiered pricing is simple: we want to continue to bring the teachings to our extended community in an accessible way and also provide the financial support the Centre really needs during this extended period where we are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an opportunity to come together (virtually) as a community, continue to support each other in our practices, and provide much needed income to the Centre to allow for its continued sustainability. Tiered pricing offers the opportunity for community participants to take an active role in supporting the Centre and/or helping other participants to have their own Annual Retreat experience, if their financial situation allows. The choice to move up to a different tier is strictly that, a choice to pay a higher amount.

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Session Descriptions & Terminology

ARATI: A devotional ceremony of Light, offerings and prayers to the aspects of Divine energy. Balancing all of Nature, within and without. This ritual, given to us by Babaji, is from Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of the Heart.

ASANA / YOGA ASANA CLASSES: In this schedule, “asana” refers to physical yoga classes. We are planning to offer gentle, power, restorative and special classes.

KIRTAN: A call-and-response format of chanting that is a type of yoga in itself, exciting out devotion and awakening divine qualities within. It is a celebration of the Divine and a call from the heart.

PAD KIRTAN: “Pad Kirtan” literally means “singing while walking” and it’s the wake-up call. You will be sent a Pad Kirtan recording, allowing you to join from home.

“PICNIC TABLE” CHAT SESSIONS: These Zoom chat rooms are called so because of the picnic tables we traditionally used to sit and visit at together on the Land. Included will be info ‘tables’ and visiting ‘tables’.

SADHANA CLASS: A practice consisting of pranayama and meditation. Pranayama essentially means, “breath control”. As Babaji taught, “When body, breath and mind come together in harmony to achieve a spiritual goal, that is yoga.”

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Virtual Retreat FAQs

1. What technology do I need to participate in the Virtual ACYR Retreat?
At minimum, you will need access to a computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with internet access. Most modern devices have a built-in webcam and microphone, but we recommend you use a headset (headphones) with a built-in microphone if you can.

Before the retreat begins, please download Zoom to your device. There is no cost to sign up to Zoom as a retreat participant.  If you are having trouble downloading Zoom, please be sure to check your email for tech support information in the weeks leading up to the retreat. 

If you are unable to download the Zoom app, it is possible to use Zoom in your internet browser. However, you may not have access to all Zoom functions when using it in this manner.  

2. How can I make sure my device works before the retreat?
Prior to the start of the retreat we recommend you test your equipment by completing the Zoom test. You may also want to run an internet speed test to ensure your internet is fast enough to stream live video. You will need an internet speed of approximately 1.5Mbps (up/down) to participate fully, without lagging issues. 

3. What time does the Virtual Annual Yoga Retreat start?
The Virtual Retreat begins on Friday, July 31, 2020 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time. Use the Time Zone Converter to determine the start and end times in your local time.

4. Where can I see the schedule of sessions?
A finalized schedule will be emailed to you in the weeks leading up to the retreat.

5. Is the retreat available in languages besides English?
The retreat audio and videos are available in English only.

6. Will your videos have Closed Captioning?
Closed Captioning will not be available at this retreat. If you have a hearing impairment that will limit your ability to participate in this retreat, please email us for information on how we may be able to support your participation. 

7. Can I pay for the retreat in a foreign currency?
Registration fees are charged in Canadian dollars (CAD) only. Please note that the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga does not control, and is not responsible for, fees charged by local banks and/or currency conversion fees.

8. I can’t find my confirmation email?
Be sure to add to your safe sender list in your email Contacts.

9. After registering, how do I access the online retreat?
Check your email approximately 24 hours before the retreat for a link to the retreat page.

10. After registering for the retreat how do I access my digital registration package?
Please check your email as information will be sent to you in the weeks leading up to the retreat.

11. What is the cancellation policy?
Please visit our Cancellation policy page for more information.

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