Yoga Class Instructors

The Centre and the instructors are following WorkSafe BC protocols for public yoga classes in consideration of the well being of our community. We require all students to follow these protocols as well. Thank you for cooperation.

Cara Graci

Cara offers a gentle, healing approach to her yoga classes, while including the breath as a bridge between a calm, aligned body and mind. She teaches Restorative, “Restore and Renew” and “Gentle Hatha Repair” yoga classes, combining rejuvenating, deep breathing, and a genuine focus on mindfulness practice; to revitalize your mind and body with vibrant health.

Cara completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2014, and also lived there for six months for the 2015 Yoga Study, Service and Immersion Program. She has been teaching weekly yoga classes at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga since 2015. She is enrolled in the Advanced Yoga Studies (YTT 300) program at Mount Madonna Institute to deepen her practice.

Cara loves to inspire peace-of-mind, strength-of-spirit, and joy, for every moment and every breath and plays the soothing Native American flute during Restorative relaxation.

Discover more about Cara at: Cara Yoga

Dorothy Price

Dorothy has been a yoga practitioner for over 40 years and completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2002. Dorothy is a senior teacher at the Centre and is also a teacher for the Centre’s Yoga Teacher Training Program. She teaches many weekly “all levels” classes on the island, as well as weekend yoga retreats and annual retreats worldwide. Dorothy’s teaching style includes sustained as well as flowing postures, with the aim of cultivating mindfulness through alignment and breath. Core strengthening and core awareness are an integral part of her classes. Her compassion for her students and her deep love of yoga are apparent in her classes.

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Hanna Munneke

Hanna discovered her dedication to yoga in 2009; practice became her center point amidst a busy life as the mother of 3 beautiful children.  After the birth of her 3rd child, Hanna decided to delve deep into the study of yoga through a 3-year, 800 hour yoga apprenticeship with teacher Cathy Valentine.  This was completed with a Vijnana Yoga International teacher’s certification with Orit Sen-Gupta in 2016.

Inspired by life and practice, Hanna brings playful inquiry to her classes, encouraging her students to practice from inside, while exploring the principals of quieting the mind, relaxing the body, breathing, rooting, connecting, expanding and intent.  All of her classes include a short meditation and pranayama, with a different asana focus each week.  Hanna has been teaching weekly classes at the Salt Spring Center since 2015.

 John Howe

From the very first time I stepped onto the mat, I felt the ease and peace of the indwelling spirit, something I hadn’t noticed before.” And twenty years after that first yoga class, John is still hopping on the mat every day to explore what it means to be an embodied spirit. His classes are fun and engaging, giving each student a chance to experience their unique body, mind, and heart connection. Knowing that we are all teachers, John also provides a safe and welcoming communal space where all are honored.

Lyndsay Savage

I have been teaching Yoga for over 15 years, and the only constant I have found is that if we move in diverse ways, and encompass more inclusions in the body, we feel more whole. We move more unified in the world.

It is like a reclaiming of more layers and levels of ourselves. 

My experiences with Yoga began early in my life when I was in a summer yoga program in 1974. Here I had my first understanding that we are allowed to find the inner Guru, and our own personal wisdom, (Vijnanamya Kosha). 

So, my aim while teaching is to assist in my student’s reclaiming of their sense of proprioception and interoception in the body, and to work from the inside out with their personal wisdom.  

What helps me as a teacher is curiosity. A curiosity for myself, my teaching and for my students. 

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