Yoga Class Instructors

The Centre and the instructors are following WorkSafe BC protocols for public yoga classes in consideration of the well being of our community. We require all students to follow these protocols as well. Thank you for cooperation.

Cara Graci

Cara offers a gentle, healing approach to her yoga classes, while including the breath as a bridge between a calm, aligned body and mind. She teaches Restorative, “Restore and Renew” and “Gentle Hatha Repair” yoga classes, combining rejuvenating, deep breathing, and a genuine focus on mindfulness practice; to revitalize your mind and body with vibrant health.

Cara completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2014, and also lived there for six months for the 2015 Yoga Study, Service and Immersion Program. She has been teaching weekly yoga classes at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga since 2015.

Cara loves to inspire inner peace, strength and joy, for every moment and every breath and plays the “soothing” Native American flute during Restorative relaxation.

Dorothy Price

Dorothy has been a yoga practitioner for over 40 years and completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2002. Dorothy is a senior teacher at the Centre and is also a teacher for the Centre’s Yoga Teacher Training Program. She teaches many weekly “all levels” classes on the island, as well as weekend yoga retreats and annual retreats worldwide. Dorothy’s teaching style includes sustained as well as flowing postures, with the aim of cultivating mindfulness through alignment and breath. Core strengthening and core awareness are an integral part of her classes. Her compassion for her students and her deep love of yoga are apparent in her classes.

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Hanna Munneke

Hanna discovered her dedication to yoga in 2009; practice became her center point amidst a busy life as the mother of 3 beautiful children.  After the birth of her 3rd child, Hanna decided to delve deep into the study of yoga through a 3-year, 800 hour yoga apprenticeship with teacher Cathy Valentine.  This was completed with a Vijnana Yoga International teacher’s certification with Orit Sen-Gupta in 2016.

Inspired by life and practice, Hanna brings playful inquiry to her classes, encouraging her students to practice from inside, while exploring the principals of quieting the mind, relaxing the body, breathing, rooting, connecting, expanding and intent.  All of her classes include a short meditation and pranayama, with a different asana focus each week.  Hanna has been teaching weekly classes at the Salt Spring Center since 2015.

 John Howe

From the very first time I stepped onto the mat, I felt the ease and peace of the indwelling spirit, something I hadn’t noticed before.” And twenty years after that first yoga class, John is still hopping on the mat every day to explore what it means to be an embodied spirit. His classes are fun and engaging, giving each student a chance to experience their unique body, mind, and heart connection. Knowing that we are all teachers, John also provides a safe and welcoming communal space where all are honored.

Chetana (Jessica) Torrens

Chétana Jessica has been teaching holistic Yoga since 2000 after her first trip to India. She returned to Rishikesh annually for 12 years and loves nothing better than to share her deep engagement with the diverse practices and wisdom of the broader Yoga tradition. She feels blessed to have met Baba Hari Dass during a visit to Sri Ram Ashram.

Chétana has learned at Sivananda Vedanta Society, Kripalu Center, and with Yogrishi Vishvketu and Akhanda Yoga with whom she has taught Yoga Wisdom and Teaching Methodology at the YTT 200 and 300 level. Her nurturing classes include movement, breathing, sounding, and meditation, woven together with a contemplative theme and balanced around the principles of grounding, uplifting, centering, expansion and connection.

A writer, Chétana brings a poetic language to her cueing as well as excerpts from Kabir, Hafiz and others. Her aim is for participants to leave feeling replenished and inspired, and that space has been held for their self care. Chétana has been blessed to have the opportunity to explore the Yoga of motherhood and the moment-to-moment presence being with children can inspire – she lives on Salt Spring Island with her two tweens.

Leigh Anne Milne

Leigh Anne Milne began her journey with Iyengar yoga in the early 1980’s and fell in love with this intelligent approach to body-mind awareness; as her practice deepened the spiritual benefits became increasingly important. As a registered massage therapist (RMT), a certified Iyengar method yoga instructor, Yoga Therapist and a recognized teacher of teachers with Yoga Alliance, Leigh Anne has found the combined knowledge of yoga, health care and anatomy of the body to be a rich foundation for her holistic practice. She has travelled to India many times since 2002 to study yoga directly from the Iyengar family. “I’m incredibly grateful for my direct experience with Mr. Iyengar.” She leads yoga retreats and professional trainings internationally

Longer holdings and study of the asana (poses) cultivate the structure for the breath and take the student deeper inward. The Iyengar method of yoga is known for detail, alignment and sequencing, which ultimately work on the consciousness, moving the student towards dharana, dhyana and samadhi, embracing all eight limbs of yoga.

Satiya Channer

Satiya practiced yoga in her early 20’s, she gave it up at the time because she found the style of yoga too slow for her liking. Years later she returned to yoga for pain she was experiencing in her hips. She was also experiencing a lot of work stress and needed a way to process all that was happening in her life at the time. Her first yoga class was so good that she had to return. At the time, she found she needed more rigorous activity and that’s when she discovered there are many different styles of yoga to suit each person’s needs.

She received her formal Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher training at Pacific Rim College of Complementary & Integrated Medicine in Victoria, British Columbia. At first, she was there to study and to deepen her own knowledge and experience with yoga. Her desire to teach came from her experience of going deeper into the study and practice of yoga. During her studies she was inspired by her teachers who taught with all their conscious awareness and knowledge gained from their journeys with yoga and how it guided their lives.

She now guides fellow students in Restorative Yoga, Yin and a gentle Hatha Flow practice. Her practice is infused with her practice of Yoga Therapy. Through touch and awareness of the body and how it holds stress and emotional trauma. For that reason she appreciates those practices with postures held longer than average so that the release can be invited. The realization that yoga is not only what happens on her yoga mat in a studio has been her greatest learning through her practice. Being aware that she can cultivate that same feeling of acceptance that she has for her body when she practices and take that into all aspects of her life, brings her a great sense of peace as she goes through her day to day. Yoga is not just a form of exercise it is a way of being. There is so much to learn. We are all students!

Tara Galpin

Yoga has been an integral part of Tara’s life since 2009.

Tara has completed a four-year Traditional Yoga Apprenticeship with Cathy Valentine and is a certified Vijnana Yoga teacher by Orit Sen Gupta.

Through years of yoga philosophy, mediation, pranayama and asana practice, Tara has deepened her understanding of Yoga. Tara has a strong love for the body and the spirit. She lives a life dedicated to seeking truth and living in the heart.

Yogeshwar (Will) Humphrey

Yogeshwar has been teaching yoga for about a decade, and practicing it in one form or another for about a decade and a half. He completed 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training’s at Mt. Madonna Center, an intentional community, retreat center, and yoga school in the mountains near Santa Cruz, California. He also lived there for a total of four years, where he taught in various retreats and teacher training’s, as well as ongoing public yoga classes. His root teacher is Baba Hari Dass, a yogi from the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas. He’s also learned a great deal from Baba Hari Dass’s long-time students here in North America, plus many other wonderful guides and teachers along the way.

He recently served as Operations Manager at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga here on Salt Spring Island, BC, and he continues to teach pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy to the Centre’s residents and local satsang. His classes are guided by the traditional aim of yoga: to find steadiness and ease in the body in support of peace and clarity in the mind

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