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Adrienne Cousins

Adrienne has been a member of the SSCY Satsang since 2014, attending five retreats and assisting at registrations for the past four years. She is a dancer, yogi, singer, certified Reiki practitioner, Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) and a much sought after dinner guest. 

Anuradha Hannah

Anuradha Hannah, Annual Retreat Coordinator

In the early 70’s, Anuradha did not renew her teaching contract, leaving Saskatchewan for the West Coast in search of a yoga teacher. Arriving in Vancouver, she saw a poster: “Yoga is More Than Standing on Your Head” about classical Ashtanga (Eight Limbed) Yoga. What especially caught her eye, was that Baba Hari Dass had trained AD, the person teaching these classes. Babaji was introduced to the West at that time in Ram Dass’ book, “Be Here Now”. Soon learning and sharing Babaji’s teachings, taking her YTT training at Mount Madonna Centre, then moving to Salt Spring Island as one of the team of founding members in ’81. She helped to manage the Centre and taught in the programs. She also taught several years at Langara College in the YTT Program, during which time she would also bring students to India for further practice and cultural tours. “We are beings of energy and light, Yoga and energy work support us from the inside out bringing wholeness and a deep connection with the peace of our true nature.”

Mahavir (aka Raven) Hume

Mahāvīr … Hello friends! So happy to be ever deepening in the call to yoga, and that it has brought us together in this amazing tradition, family and practice. More than ever I see what a gift spiritual practice is, and I think it’s wonderful that we will be able to take some time with each other online this summer to support and remind. These days, my 16 year practice with the Satsang has me sharing with an accent on Gita Study, ceremony, and chant.

Rashmi Cole

Rashmi has lived at Sri Ram Ashram since 1988. She has participated in all phases of Sri Ram Ashram, from inception, to chasing elephants out of the fields, raising babies, supervising education, facilitating college admissions and arranging marriages for our young adults. She is director of the Yoga Diwali India program, a successful Yoga immersion program at Sri Ram Ashram and has hosted many visiting groups from around the world. Her passion is to share Sri Ram Ashram and the Haridwar area with the world and is happiest when our Sri Ram Ashram family gathers for milestone events.

Shyam Sean Crabtree

Shyam is a lifelong member of the Dharma Sara Satsang Society, grew up in the lap of Babaji and has been visiting the Centre since Day 1. He met his wife at the Centre, they later married there, and his oldest daughter now attends the Centre School. This community is integral to his life and his family.

Shyam has worked in business for over 15 years — from corporate to startups — and was previously in military medicine, serving as a NATO peacekeeper. He has been described as an inspirational and collaborative team leader who brings a burst of positivity and energy to the table. 

Shyam also co-produced the short film about Sri Ram Ashram called Jewel In The Jungle, and co-coordinated the Annual Community Yoga Retreat in 2017. Shyam looks forward to serving the Society along with this Board, as well as other committed members who provide karma yoga towards our combined efforts. Please join in! How can you help?

Yogeshwar William Humphrey

Yogeshwar has been teaching yoga for about a decade, and practicing it in one form or another for about a decade and a half. He completed 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training’s at Mt. Madonna Center, an intentional community, retreat center, and yoga school in the mountains near Santa Cruz, California. He also lived there for a total of four years, where he taught in various retreats and teacher training’s, as well as ongoing public yoga classes. His root teacher is Baba Hari Dass, a yogi from the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas. He’s also learned a great deal from Baba Hari Dass’s long-time students here in North America, plus many other wonderful guides and teachers along the way.

He recently served as Operations Manager at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga here on Salt Spring Island, BC, and he continues to teach pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy to the Centre’s residents and local satsang. His classes are guided by the traditional aim of yoga: to find steadiness and ease in the body in support of peace and clarity in the mind.

Anand Nolan Lacroix


Having been at Babaji’s knee for as long as he can remember, Anand is proud to be part of this lineage.  He taught his first kid’s Asana class as an 8 year old at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga (SSCY) Annual Retreat with his brother, Parmesh, and took the SSCY Yoga Teacher Training as soon as he was approved to do so.  In the past year, his last in highschool, he created and offered a mindfulness/meditation club to his peers and often taught various aspects of yoga to his team and classmates. 

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Sadhana Instructors

Chandra Pamela Rose

YYT 500; YYT 200; M.Ed. (Adult, Community & Higher Education); PDP; B.A.

It is a delight to teach in the SSCY Yoga Getaway and Home Yoga Retreat programs. Baba Hari Dass, Master Yogi and beloved teacher, came to Vancouver in 1974 and, inspired by his example, many of us who became his students then and in the years to come are committed to learning and teaching Yoga. The inner path is a lifelong journey; YTT 200 certification (Mount Madonna Center 1982) and YTT 500 (MMC 2008) are joyful experiences along the way.  I’m happy to serve as senior educational administrator of the SSCY Yoga Teacher Training 200 program and to teach pranayama, meditation, and aspects of Yogic thought and practice in that and other contexts at the Centre.  I was an active member of the Dharma Sara Satsang Society Board of Directors for several years“.

Chandra holds a BA from Dalhousie University, a professional diploma (PDP) from SFU, and an M.Ed. in Adult, Community and Higher Education from University of Calgary (2006), with a focus on Spirituality in Higher Education.  In her professional career she held the position of Education Director and Instructor in a private college in the Okanagan and was a featured speaker on ‘Ethics’ and ‘Communication in the Classroom’ at national and international conferences for educators of health care professionals.

Divakar Mark Raetzen


Divakar has been practicing classical Ashtanga Yoga since 1976. He has served as President of Dharma Sara Satsang Society from the early 1980s thru to 2015 and is one of the founding members of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. Divakar is a long time teacher of pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy at the SSCY Yoga Retreats, annual Yoga Teacher Training, for SSCY staff and karma yogis and with the Vancouver satsang. He was an original member of the SSCY YTT 200 program and continues to serve on the Committee and Faculty.  Divakar has mediation skills and a sense of humour that he brings to his roles and duties. He has been a mentor for many students and karma yogis.

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Yoga Asana Instructors

Anila Lacroix


Anila is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer who has taught a wide variety of yoga styles for the last 15 years. She was a teacher trainer with YYoga for their 200 and 500 hour programs, and for the Salt Spring Center of Yoga for their 200 hour program. She is now a Legacy Lululemon Ambassador, having been an ambassador and partner in local community reach out and fundraisers for years. Traditional trauma-informed training came through personal experience gained after a couple of car collisions and years of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. Anila’s approach and quiet, mischievous spirit creates safety for all who are around her, while her vast knowledge of the body and its systems, as well as her ability to spot and realign movement inspires healing and trust. She weaves meditation, breathing practices, practical life lessons and philosophy into her classes.

Bhavani Siegel

Bhavani Siegel, began her practice of yoga with Babaji in 1974. She began teaching yoga practice and philosophy in 1976 in Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats, and seminars. Bhavani specializes in yogic symbolism, Sanskṛit and mantra, sacred sound meditation, and has recorded Surya Namaskar Mantras the Forgiveness Āsana Series, as well as Sanskṛit Pronunciation Tutorial recordings. Considering the teachings of conscious communication an important aspect of the yogic principle of non-harming, Bhavani has integrated this study in helping to facilitate and coordinate MMC’s Yoga & Service programs for over 20 years, and as a resident of the MMC community. She enjoys chanting, mystic poetry, and hiking.

Chetna Tracy Boyd

E-RYT 500; C-IAYT, YTT 200 Program Director

Chetna has been studying and practicing yoga in its many aspects since 1999. She began teaching in 2003 and is a graduate of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, where she was certified in classical ashtanga and hatha yoga systems and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She has completed the 1000 hours Yoga Therapy training through Integrative Yoga Therapy and achieved certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). Chetna joined the faculty of the SSCY Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2007 and in 2018 assumed the role of YTT Program Director. Chetna teaches private yoga therapy sessions for specific conditions and specializing in yoga for cancer. As well she teaches public and corporate classes in Victoria. Her compassionate approach to teaching promotes an environment that is relaxing and encouraging, empowering and fun.

Discover more about Chetna at: Dancing Lotus Yoga

Hamsa Sue Ann Fisher

800hr Vijnana International; RYT 200

Sue Ann has dedicated herself to yoga since 2012. Her passion is to help students feel stronger in their bodies and more connected to their hearts.  Sue Ann’s classes mix  functional movement, philosophy and body | heart | mind alignment. With a deep understanding of movement, she is able to guide students more fully into their own bodies. Sue Ann is deeply grateful for her time studying and practicing at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. She is the owner and lead instructor at the West Asheville Yoga in North Carolina.  

Discover more about Sue Ann at: West Asheville Yoga

Yogita Jessica Zovar


Exploring yoga since age 16, Jessica first completed her yoga teacher training at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz and began teaching in 2003. Building on this initial foundation, she studied under Sara Ivanhoe and other teachers at Yoga Works in Los Angeles while continuing to hone her teaching skills in a variety of settings, including working with teens, individuals with injuries, as well as with friends and co-workers. Jessica has been teaching vinyasa yoga to at-risk youth and adults in Santa Cruz since 2008. Her style draws from multiple yogic disciplines, incorporating a focus on breath, alignment, and the interconnection between mind, body and spirit, allowing students to work at their own pace. She views yoga as a path to relieve stress, build inner strength and emerge feeling inspired and refreshed. Jessica’s mission as a yoga teacher is to inspire greater health, self-love, community and play.

Jyoti Natasha Samson

CYA-RYT 200; Ay. HC;

Jyoti is a graduate of the SSCY Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr) and teaches public, corporate, and private classes in the lower mainland. She also teaches at the Centre’s Yoga Getaways and retreats and is on faculty for the annual SSCY Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr).

Jyoti furthered her studies and obtained her Ayurveda Health Counselor Diploma at the Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda under prominent Ayurveda physicians; Dr. Vassant Lad, Dr. John Doulliard, Dr. Sarita Shrestha, Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar among others. She completed her Ayurveda Massage Treatment Program under the guidance of Dr. Jaisri Lambert. Jyoti teaches Ayurveda at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and offers private Ayurveda Consultations and Body Treatments/Massage. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Dharma Sara Satsang Society.

Discover more about Jyoti at: Nourish Ayurveda & Yoga

Suchitra Jeni


Suchi and her son Japhy (Maruti) met Yogi Saint Baba Hari Dass at the Saltspring centre in ’97, Babaji’s delightful wisdom and mystical character combined with the ethos of community fun through karma yoga had her immediately begin a form of Guru Yoga, attending summer retreats ever since. Since seeing StarWars the quest to meet Yoda and train as a Jedi was her first childhood ambition. As an adult upon first seeing Babaji Suchi knew this was it! And thus feels so blessed to have seen Babaji in many dreams where his superpowers became even more clear! 

Suchi feels blessed to have seen Babaji in many active roles as a teacher and ‘non-doer’ in settings as diverse as a theatre director and playwright, master builder, martial artist, pranayama and meditation teacher, Sanskrit scholar,  best volleyball coach and super fan at the Hanuman Olympics!  His role as a dedicated father figure at Sri Ram Orphanage inspired visits to meet the kids there, one of her most cherished memories is early morning jogs with Baba Hari Dass at Sri Ram Ashram whilst stumbling over the words of the Hanuman Chalisa in her head timed with footsteps in the dark early morning, and callisthenics with all the kids after the run. Following Babji’s edict “Teach to Learn”  Suchi became YTT Saltspring grad (2003). With Babaji’s blessing, she also practices Ashtanga Vinyasa extensively with ten trips to Mysore at the KPJAYI school (authorized to teach Jois Ashtanga Yoga in 2010). It is no coincidence that on Valentine’s day 2002, Suchi had her first hug from the Saint AMMA <3 in Mysore. 

India travels allowed for further training in Ayurvedic massage, acro-yoga and Patanjali yoga sutras chanting with Sanskrit scholar Dr. M.A. Jayashree of Mysore University. Founder of  Yoga Shala Victoria 2002-2015, Suchi spent years leading workshops and YTT as an E-RYT (Yoga Alliance).  Babaji’s Raja yoga mind training gave Suchi the strength to later attempt formless and technique-less simple sitting at Arunachala mountain in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu where Ramana Maharshi’s teachings still flourish. She next brought three groups of students to month-long yoga and meditation training retreats at the base of the holy mountain Arunachala. As Karma yoga around a Guru was instilled from many years seeing Babaji, Suchi has continued this practice with the Saint Amma, on volunteer tours of South India and as an annual orange vested parking sevite at San Ramon. As her son began moving into his adult life Suchi began again the university studies Babaji had lovingly pestered her to continue! With a BFA in Visual Art completed this year at Emily Carr, Suchi next heads to Brooklyn College and Columbia University for MFA’s poetry and Sanskrit study.

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Kids Program Instructors

From left to right;

Top: Mayana | Anuradha | Ishi | Catherine

Middle: Bhavani | Sharada | Usha

Bottom: Anila | Conrad (Not pictured) Priya

Such a great team!! We love kids, and sometimes we are kids!! The Kids’ Program has been a total team effort to bring all the pieces together. It is a wonderful program for kids/families. Some great online screen times are scheduled, as well as, so many projects and offerings in the Family Registration Package. It’s like ‘Summer Camp’ in a Link!!

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Planning Committees

Annual Retreat Planning Committee

ACYR Planning Committee

Top: Sharada | Anuradha | Janell
Middle: Courtenay | Anila | Adrienne
Bottom: Mathew | Lakshmi (Not Pictured: Kris | David)

Annual Retreat Tech Sub-Committee

Top: Ian | Janell | Adrienne
Middle: Courtenay | Anila | Adrienne
Bottom: David | Mathew | Courtenay
(Not Pictured: Kris | Suneel | Jesse)

Kids Program Sub-Committee

Top: Mayana | Anuradha | Ishi & Catherine
Middle: Bhavani | Sharada | Usha
Bottom: Anila | Conrad (Not pictured) Priya

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